Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Baker's Dozen +1 or Avoidance Techniques 101

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by
I'm a master at procrastination - read through this list to see what I'm avoiding:

 1.   Renew library books online.
 2.   Text my daughter - Does she want a gift subscription to Real Simple?
 3.   Write note to husband about Saturday's appt.
 4.   Post Sat. appt. on the calendar.
 5.   Text my brother - We're checking in daily about our exercise.
 6.   Grab a handful of chocolate chips from the top shelf in the pantry.
 7.   Order vitamins that I can't procure locally.
 8.   List the sections I need to write for tomorrow's meeting.
 9.   Clean the litter box.
10.  Bring in cat carrier from garage (so it won't be too cold for Ms. Hadley).
11.  Put a towel in the dryer so her carrier will be warm and cozy when we head to the vet.
12.  Phone Mary to confirm L's Sat. appt.
13.  Take the cat to the vet.
14.  Write my SOL.

Can you tell what I need to DO when I get back from the vet?

WRITE the sections for tomorrow's meeting.  And the purpose of the meeting?  My former principal  asked me to introduce slice of life to some of the 6th grade teachers!  So no more time for slicing, instead it's BIC (butt in chair) time.  I borrowed that acronym from Jane Yolen, but I know it's been around for awhile.

Day after tomorrow, I head to DC for my first NCTE convention.  Isn't it a shame that I never made it there while I was in the classroom?  I can't wait to bump into some of you and to attend some of your sessions!


  1. I totally get the B.I.C. thing. Sometimes my b may be in my c, but I'm not doing the right thing.

    #7 made me laugh out loud. I do the same thing with spices. I made three phone calls just to find Ros El Hanout, which I finally tracked down at a little spice shop in NYC. Turns out that McCormick makes a "Moroccan Spice" that in the tiniest of letters says Ros El Hanout. And to think I could've been working if I had just read the fine print on the spices aisle.

  2. You will be great explaining Slice of Life, you live it! Have a great time at NCTE, wish I could be there too.

  3. I like your #9. My "beasties" get really upset when I don't clean their boxes when they think they should be cleaned.

  4. Your list doesn't look too bad. You can do it all! Have fun at NCTE!

  5. Have a great time at DC....it is one of the perks of retirement I am looking forward to!

  6. Can't believe you're going this year, & I'm not, Ramona. Enjoy.every.minute! Love the list. While you were writing, you could have been doing those things! So funny!

    1. Linda, I did all of those things on the list...because I was not putting BIC for the writing (the most important thing) that I needed to do for tomorrow's meeting. Afternoon and evening have been very productive. I always need the fear of a deadline to get me in gear.