Friday, November 28, 2014

And I Love the Rain!

Welcome to Poetry Friday, a weekly celebration for poets and poetry lovers.  Be sure to get your taste of poetry love today at Carol's Corner.  Thanks, Carol, for hosting at this very busy time of year.

When we moved to the Northwest, I learned to embrace the rain.  I composed this haiku in celebration of the liquid jewels pattering our deck this morning.

Murmuring raindrops
Bare branches shimmer in puddles
Gentle refreshment

-Ramona Behnke

When I checked out books for the Poetry Box project last month, I rediscovered a favorite anthology, One Big Rain:  Poems for Rainy Days compiled by Rita Gray.  It celebrates rain through the seasons of the year and begins with autumn.  One of my favorite poems is "November Rain" by Maud E. Uschold.   She captures an image that I love in these lines from the poem:

"Trees and bushes, 
Nearly bare
Of leaves, now chains
Of raindrops wear

Along each twig."

You can read the entire poem in the book, One Big Rain:  Poems for Rainy Days.   Swing by Wild Rose Reader for Elaine Magliaro's excellent review and some of Elaine's rain poems.   


  1. It is such a pleasure to read about rain it snows outside my window. I love that just a few degrees makes the difference between one kind of weather day and another, and this month, we're enjoying the flakes. Thank you for more poems to think about when it rains. "...And I love the rain" usually pops into my head too. :)

    I loved getting to see you and hug you at NCTE. We are so lucky to have each other and then seeing each other in real life too. It is really the coolest!

    Happy late Thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you for those murmuring raindrops! Funny thing: I just wrote a poem yesterday with a raindrop in it. :) Great to meet you at NCTE!