Saturday, August 15, 2015

Celebrate This Week!

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  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

I'm celebrating that I did SOMETHING instead of just complaining.  It may not yield any results, but I tried.  No, it's not earth shattering, and it won't change the world.
But I hate to see such a bounteous harvest go to waste.
 Here's a picture to give you a glimpse of the problem:
A building project has fenced off one of my favorite spots for picking blackberries.  That building project is for a new elementary school in our district.  
I wiggled my greedy hand through the chain link in pursuit of a perfect blackberry, and almost got my hand stuck.  Then I stopped a surveyor in the next block
and requested that they open the fence during the day so folks could pick the blackberries.  Then I went one step further and stopped by the district office.
A receptionist sent an email to the project manager.  Will we get to pick the blackberries from behind the fence?  I hope so, but even if we don't,
I celebrate that I did SOMETHING besides complain.  

2.  RAIN!   
It rained on Tuesday and it rained on Friday.
Normally, we don't take pictures of rain in the Northwest, but we've had
such a dry summer.  This is definite cause for celebration!  

It's great to live in the community where I taught so I can visit
 teaching friends to share cookie bars and summer happenings over lunch.

Stefi sent me this picture of Blake holding a
friend's baby during church with this caption:
"Blake is a baby whisperer."

And I got to hold Coleen's granddaughter, Taylor, during church.
She's the cutie that I babysat last Saturday during Rico's wedding. 

I relished Friday's rainy afternoon for getting lost in
The War that Saved my Life by Kimberly Bradley, a book that I'm loving!
It reminds me of Good Night, Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian. 
I went looking for the author at KCLS, only to discover that it's 
no longer in their collection.  Sorry, Ms. Gaffney, but I may have to
retrieve my copy from the collection I donated to your classroom.  
 I finished my audio book, Sugar, by Jewell Parker Rhodes.
Wonderful historical fiction!  I picked it up because I loved her book Ninth Ward.
 I started my next audio book, Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan.
Now if I could just schedule more car time and a road trip . . . 
Something tells me that this book will make
the trek from car to computer this week!
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with this lovely group of readers at Sweet Summer Reads!


  1. Lots to celebrate this week! I love that you took an active role in finding a solution to the blackberry issue! Those berries are too good to waste! And your son looks like a natural baby whisperer!

  2. fun variety of celebrations! i can't wait to hear an update of your blackberry adventures.

  3. I love your celebrations this week Ramona and hope you got to pick the berries. Yum! Got a pie in the works? Baby whisperer-wonderful! Rain! Yeah! In all of your celebrations have you carved time for Summer Splashings? Maybe the rain shot will surface as a poem.

  4. I celebrate with you today for rain in the Northwest and blackberries and good books.

  5. Hooray for you for freeing the blackberries

  6. Great celebrations this week. Let us know about the blackberries. So glad you spoke up. Aren't babies fun? We have one at our church that I grab every chance I get.

  7. That rain was definately a celebration!