Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday SOL: I Need a Business Card!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, BethAnna, Kathleen, and Deb
for hosting this meeting place each Tuesday and nurturing our writing lives.

I stand in the lobby of the Seattle library, waiting for the elevator to the parking garage. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch two young ladies with large stacks of books waiting for the elevator too.   I stretch (my OLW for this year), trying to decipher book titles from where I'm standing.  I'm sure these are middle schoolers, and I'm curious about their choices.  Unfortunately, some of the books are turned with titles to the inside.  One of the books falls off the top of a stack.  The mom bends to help out, the daughter opens a book bag, and I lament a lost opportunity to peruse her summer titles.

We step onto the elevator together.  After explaining that I'm a retired teacher who hosts a book club for middle school students, I ask the girls what they've been reading this summer.  We continue chatting while their mom pays for parking.  I inquire about the school they attend. As they walk away, I wish I had shared Sweet Summer Reads (my blog geared to middle school readers) with them.  I even think about running after them to mention it, but it's an underground garage.  No need to frighten them with my over exuberance about books.

When I pull around to the leave the garage, they are coming from the other direction and motion me to go first.  I think about hopping out to tell them about my blog, but don't do it. After all, it is an underground parking garage.  I might startle them, and someone else might come up behind one of us while I'm chatting.

And that's when I decide that it's definitely time to get a card printed with the name of my blog and the blog address.  I'm just not sure what to call myself:  Blogger and Book Lover, Bibliophile and Blogger, Retired Teacher Still Blabbing about Books.  How about it?  Can you help me with a job title to go on my business card?   I refuse to miss another opportunity to share my love of books with the next random book lover I bump into.


  1. Not sure about the title but you can get cool cards from http://www.moo.com/us/
    You can create small cards with your own images. Very cool!!!!
    DO IT Ramona :)
    Digital Bonnie

  2. I love "Retired Teacher Still Blabbing about Books" because that's where I see myself someday soon! But...I love the idea of putting yourself out there, Ramona and thinking BIG! Bravo!

  3. Do you want simple, practical, to the point or a conversation starter. If it's the latter, then definitely "Retired Teacher Still Blabbing about Books." I use Vista Print. Great prices.
    I never seem to have my cards when I need them. Next time I make a set, though, I am going to increase the font size. Aging eyes and small print do not work well together.

  4. What a great slice! And a great idea. I think you should go for the conversation starter. I think the word "bubbling" or "bursting" should go in there! (I love alliteration)

  5. I like Bibliophile and Blogger since it is very active!

    Hope you'll share the final product with us.

  6. I am somewhat of a book stalker myself. Whenever I'm in public and see someone reading a book I want to know the title. As far as your business card title I like Bibliophile and Blogger. It's too the point, catchy, and interesting. I like your middle school reader blog, too!

  7. I agree with Stacey! Bibliophile and Blogger! Perfect! My boys hate when I ask people what they are reading, or gawk at their book covers. But I do it anyway!

  8. Oh there are so many possibilities!! I love business cards that have some whimsy or humor to them! Please share your results...you may have inspired me to get new ones myself!!

  9. This is almost therapeutic! Little did I know what a large group we book stalkers are! As for your blog name, what about Book Blabber?

  10. I like Book Talker, Book Bubbler, Babbling about Books because I can "see" those phrases. Consider a picture that matches your blog . . .will it always be "Sweet Summer Reads"?

    1. I'd like to figure out how to preserve the content, and change the name to Sweet Reads so we can utilize it year round.