Saturday, August 8, 2015

Celebrate This Week!

            Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.  
 When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

When I'm stumped about what to celebrate, I peruse my pics. 
Join me for this visual feast of the past week:

Hydrangeas near the library
Summer sky at dusk 
Quote for book lovers at Island Books
Mimosa trees in bloom
A walk with these two to explore two playgrounds-
I'd forgotten how all consuming trucks, planes, and bugs
are to young boys.  
Spied this gorgeous rose while watering a friend's flowers 
This arrangement arrived because I watched a friend's
grandkids (my pleasure) during a wedding  and
these tomatoes were my reward for watering a friend's garden.


  1. I think you had a lot to celebrate this week. The flowers are amazing.

  2. What a visual treat your post is Ramona. There is so much beauty in nature to savor. I especially liked the summer sky at dusk. Do you think that could be your offering for Summer Splashings? All you need is a poem to accompany the great visual and some PicMonkey magic.

  3. Ramona, I loved the last picture - so nice to be thanked in such a beautiful and yummy manner.