Friday, March 24, 2017

SOLSC 24/31 & Poetry Friday: Dilemma Solved!

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How to solve a common dilemma . . . 

Too Many Stickies

One Minute till Bedtime
I finished this morning
but it was due

I had a simple plan.
Mark favorite poems
with a colorful sticky
and copy my favorites.

It wasn’t long before
I knew
I certainly
was in trouble.

Within these pages
I met friends
and filled the book
with stickies.

“Our Kittens”
by Amy
and “A Hard Rain”
by Greg.

And silly Jon Scieszka’s
“All At Once.”
A “Stuffed Animal Collection
by Eileen Spinelli.

Liz’s “This is the Hour”
and Lee’s “Sleepy” song
seem destined to
rock one to sleep.

And some I want to memorize,
Dennis Lee’s “Bigger Than Big,”
Joan’s “Tuck a Poem in Your Head,”
and Juanita’s  skimming “Canoe.”

It’s clear today
I’ll return this book
and head to the
bookstore instead.

-Ramona Behnke

Poems referenced:
"Our Kittens" by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater p. 22
"A Hard Rain" by Greg Pincus p. 37
"All At Once" by Jon Scieszka p.32
"Stuffed Animal Collection" by Eileen Spinelli p. 7
"This is the Hour by Liz Brownlee p. 65
"Sleepy" by Lee Bennett Hopkins p. 66
"Bigger Than Big" by Dennis Lee p. 50
"Tuck a Poem in Your Head" by Joan Bransfield Graham p. 106
"Canoe" by Juanita Havill p. 145

And there are more poems to love on every page of One Minute till Bedtime!


  1. Ha! Yes, I have it & you should too! I bought it for Ingrid's classroom, too. It's a wonderful book every class will enjoy. I love the way you wrote this showing the poems you will cherish! Have a great day, Ramona!

  2. I asked for this for Christmas, and I am not sorry. I like your tribute poem very much.

  3. Obviously, the only solution. I plan to look for the book now.

  4. I do not believe this is a real problem.

  5. Now I need to get this book, too!

  6. All I can do is laugh with your obsession. I think you are that crazy book lady. Oh, and I'm following in your footsteps because I'm off to see if it's available at our library.

    1. And it is available. I'll have it in my hands next week! Thanks, Ramona.

  7. You are a bad influence! Now I need to check this out. I'm having trouble fitting all the books on my book case.

  8. Yes, this book is worth the purchase and then some! Love the 'stickies' sprouting from your book. =)

  9. It's an amazing anthology, isn't it?!?!

  10. What a great find Ramona. I wonder sometimes where the great ones come from:)

  11. So many stickies are definitely the mark of a good book!

  12. What a fun poem you created! Ah it's a wonderful book isn't Ramona! I have a copy of it, but I've been in your shoes with books out from the library that I can't renew and want to keep, and end up buying.

  13. What would we be if stickies had never been created? And that they were an accident makes them even better! I love your poem. Hadn't heard of the book, but now it's on my MUST list.

  14. Yes, sometimes heading to the bookstore is the only option! I still haven't seen this yet, but with 5 nephews and nieces under 6, I certainly need at least one copy! Love your clever poem, Ramona!