Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOLSC 25/31: Celebrate This Week!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Betsy, Beth, Kathleen, Deb, Lisa, Melanie, and Lanny
for hosting this meeting place each day in March
and for nurturing our writing lives.

                            Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres. 
                                            When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build. 
   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember! 

I love joining Ruth Ayres and friends each weekend to celebrate!  
This week I'm celebrating:

1.  Blue skies and sunshine - Sunday was beautiful and every other day of the week included at least some sunshine.
It was a delight each and every day!
Saturday's blue sky while strolling with Jack

2.  Son Blake's quick visit to meet his new nephew, Jack!

 3.  Teddy stars in his own video that features him searching for a book,
finding one, and then dragging it across the room to read it,
 savor its pages, and share this look of total book joy!  

4.  Teddy turned 9 months old
on Wednesday!

 5.  Grandpa traditions are already well established
at our house.  Today's visit (our first official time 
to babysit Jack) included three favorite routines:
a stroll outside (Grandpa plucked this camellia for Jack),
piano time with Grandpa, and the upstairs tour.  
 Jack and Grandpa are already great buds.

6.  I admit that we are besotted with our new role as grandparents.
But, we enjoyed time Saturday morning at Seattle Art Museum with good friend Ryan to view two current exhibits - 
Jacob Lawrence's  The Migration Series and 
Seeing Nature:  Landscape Masterworks
from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection.


  1. Sounds like a lovely week! I'm still contemplating a trip to Phoenix to see my girl this week. Nine months is way too long to go without seeing her!

    1. I agree Carol. When Teddy comes next month, it will be five months since we've seen him. I hope you get to make that trip to Phoenix!

  2. Wonderful to see the pictures, Ramona, the smiles on those boys are special! I did a Jacob Lawrence study with my students a long time ago. That exhibit must have been terrific! Have a happy week!

    1. His migration series is actually split between two museums - the MOMA and the Phillips Collection. The pictures were put together for this exhibit in honor of Lawrence's 100th birthday and his time in Seattle at UW.

  3. Blue skies are worthy of celebration, but the stars of celebrating are those two darling boys. Teddy's expression is too cute. Life is good!

  4. Blue skies and babies - super celebrations. You had so much more in your week. I hope the new week will bring lots of good things too.

  5. Love the blue, blue sky...but nothing can outshine those babies!

  6. Ramona, I shared the photos of Jack and Teddy with my daughter and told her how Teddy is a such a devout book boy already. Love the thoughts you share about grandparenthood.