Wednesday, April 5, 2017

NPM 2017 Day 5: Three D's

My book spine poem for NPM 2017:

She walks in beauty
A jar of tiny stars
Awakening the heart
Open the door
House of light 
Pass the poetry, please!

  • The Dream Keeper and Other Poems by Langston Hughes  Most of us are familiar with the words "Hold fast to dreams..." from Hughes oft-recited poem "Dreams."  But if you've never read this book of his poetry with the exquisite scratchboard illustrations by Brian Pinkney, stop by your library or bookstore to pick up a copy today.  And here's a beautiful rendition by a sixth grade choir of "Dreamkeeper," the title poem of the book.   

  • Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer is a delightful picture book that I hope you've already discovered.  Daniel spends the week asking each of his animal friends, "What is poetry?"  And by week's end when it's time for Poetry in the Park, he has a poem.  The author Micha Archer's beautiful collage illustrations are a stunning accompaniment to Daniel's poetic journey.
  • The Doors of Poetry - I remember when my daughter was introduced to these doors in middle school by Arlene Naganawa, her creative writing teacher.  Georgia Heard in Awakening the Heart (pgs. 50-56) explores five doors to poetry:  the heart door, the observation door, the concerns about the world door, the wonder door, and the memory door.  She concludes this section with these words:  "Finally anything that doesn't fit into one of the five doors creates a new door.  I hope that students will eventually know to write from, not just five but fifty doors - reflection, humor, dreams - the doors are endless."  

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  1. All wonderful, Ramona. I used those "doors" with my students, and they help making the connections. Daniel Finds A Poem is so sweet. Thanks for sharing, especially about the doors.