Friday, April 14, 2017

NPM Day 14 & Poetry Friday: The Letter L

My book spine poem for NPM 2017:

She walks in beauty
A jar of tiny stars
Awakening the heart
Open the door
House of light 
Pass the poetry, please!

Continuing my alphabetic stroll
through National Poetry Month 
Three "L" Poets 

George Ella Lyon - "Where I'm From" Poem
Be sure to check out the poet's site with many resources and examples of "Where I'm From" poetry, including an audio clip of her reading the poem.   I loved sharing this poem with my students and watching their creative "Where I'm From" poems emerge.  

Myra Cohn Livingston, editor of
I Am Writing a Poem About . . . A Game of Poetry
Someone recently mentioned this book on a blog post (Was it you, Linda Baie?).  I remember thinking, "I own that book."  I pulled it off the shelf this week and was totally surprised by the children's poets who were in Myra Cohn Livingston's master class at UCLA.  Take a look, you'll recognize many familiar names who participated in this game of poetry.  

J Patrick Lewis - US Children's Poet Laureate 2011-2013
Three favorite books:
Please Bury Me In the Library
Monumental Verses
The National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry
a beautiful anthology, edited by JPL

Head over to Doraine Bennett's blog, 
Dori Reads for this week's
round-up of poetic goodness.  
Thanks, Dori for hosting this week!


  1. Lots of wonderful suggestions to add to my must read list. Many thanks for your lovely spine poem, too. Love the thought of "a jar of tiny stars awakening the heart." Happy Poetry Friday!

  2. Thank you, Ramona, for the resources. Your spine poetry warms my heart so please pass some more poetry.

  3. It may have been me! I love Myra Cohn Livingston's books, but also J. Patrick Lewis and George Ella Lyon's poem. Your posts this month are becoming a treasure trove of resources, Ramona. I hope you might combine them into something to share, perhaps in the Ed Collab! Have a nice weekend!

  4. I love your spine poetry - it's a difficult form to master, but you've creates a little work of beauty!

  5. Ah! L is a richly poetic letter! Mr. Lewis commands nearly a whole shelf in my classroom collection!!

  6. L is a letter with lush liveliness. I like where it's taken you.

  7. L offered a wealth of poetry treasures for today! I enjoyed teaching Where I'm From poems with my middle school students.

  8. I'm always up for suggestions. Myra Cohn Livingston is one of my all time favorites.