Thursday, April 13, 2017

NPM Day 13: The Letter K

My book spine poem for NPM 2017:

She walks in beauty
A jar of tiny stars
Awakening the heart
Open the door
House of light 
Pass the poetry, please!

I'm really trying hard to keep my posts succinct, but if you give a teacher a poet whose last name begins with "K," chances are she'll want to share some favorite poems by him, and then she'll want you to know about the project he started when he was poet laureate, and then she'll want to share a favorite poem she discovered in the newspaper while reading poems from that project, and finally she will want to share her blog post about the evening she spent in the company of the poet.  

A poet:  Ted Kooser, US Poet Laureate, 2004 - 2006
     A favorite poem:  "Dishwater" 
         Another favorite poem:  "Christmas Mail"
             A favorite project:  An American Life in Poetry
                 A favorite poem from the project:  
                  "What I Learned from My Mother"
                                   A blog post:  My evening with Ted Kooser

An anthologist I love:  Caroline Kennedy
    Favorite anthologies:  A Family of Poems
                                       Poems to Learn by Heart
                                       She Walks in Beauty

A favorite picture book:  Knoxville, Tennessee by Nikki Giovanni


  1. I love "An American Life in Poetry", and the way your arranged this post today, Ramona. "Knoxville, Tennessee" is new to me. I think I should stop reading your posts! Thanks for all, of course, and have a wonderful day!

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Ted Kooser years ago. I love his book The Poetry Repair Handbook. His poetry is so accessible. Wasn't he the poet who wrote Valentines? I'm going to search my shelves.