Saturday, April 29, 2017

NPM Day 29: The Letter Y

My book spine poem for NPM 2017:

She walks in beauty
A jar of tiny stars
Awakening the heart
Opening a door
House of light 
Pass the poetry, please!

Continuing my alphabetic stroll
through National Poetry Month 
with the letter Y . . . 

Jane Yolen
Jane has written over 300 books and 70+ of those are poetry books.  I've always loved the poetic language in Owl Moon and according to Jane's site, she counts it " an unrhymed picture book poem."  
Jane's son, Jason Stemple, is a free lance photographer who provided the photographs for some of Jane's poetry books.  Here are four favorite titles that are paired with her son's photography:
Shape Me a Rhyme
Color Me a Rhyme
Wild Wings
Fine Feathered Friends

You Come Too:  Favorite Poems for Young Readers
by Robert Frost
My copy of this classic Robert Frost title was a library discard.  It's a treasure of some of the most appealing of Frost's poems for the young reader.  The invitation poem of the title, "You Come Too," was one of the poems in my "apron of many pockets" for Poem in Your Pocket Day yesterday.  

You Be Good and I'll Be Night 
by Eve Merriam
This delightful collection was purchased when my own children were young.  These cheerful, rollicking rhymes were favorites in our household.  Here's the opening spread with the title of the book poem - 
 And a final stanza to love in this poem -
especially since we now have a grandson named Jack!

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  1. Again, love them all. I couldn't possibly have read all of Jane Yolen's books, but what I do have is wonderful. Thanks, Ramona. Glad you're having that fabulous "company" this weekend!