Saturday, August 5, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Two Aunts and a Niece

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When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build. 

   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

I met my niece on Wednesday in San Diego at the end of the AVID conference where she was presenting.  I sat in on the last hour of her three days with the participants.  I relished watching Kara interact with the participants as they left the room.  She stood at the door, called each by name, and thanked them for coming.  I loved looking around the room at the posters filled with three days of learning together. 

A fun-filled week!

This beautiful sunset

Road trip to Riverside with a stop at In N Out for burgers

Chocolate roll (a family favorite) for
Kara’s early birthday celebration

Happy times chatting around the kitchen table

A meal at Don Jose’s

Laughter at my son’s quote when I returned his call and he asked what we were doing -  I told him that all three of us were in the family room together on our devices and he quipped:  
“The family that wifis together sticks together.” 

A Facetime visit with Mr. Jack – He was so excited to see Kara,
his summertime buddy from June!

Technology help from Kara – she showed me how to grab screen shot pics from Instagram videos and taught me how to use Pic Collage.  I love that Kara and James (my brother's kids) join me as 
proud family alums from OSU!

And what would a celebration be without
pics of my beautiful grandsons?
Jack's first playdate with Aria
Teddy checking out Costco's giant teddy bears


  1. That chocolate roll looks delicious! What adorable pics of your grandsons, especially the one with the teddy bear.

  2. Great celebrations! Glad you included the photos, too.

  3. Love the pics. Kids just love other kids, don't they? What fun to be with your niece at the end of the conference!

  4. Your photos speak of wonderful celebrations, Ramona. You are showing some proud moments in your life!

  5. Love your son's quote, and those pictures of the grand children. So much joy in your life, Ramona!

  6. I think all photos here was memorable to you..thats why i'm glad to see all of this...

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