Friday, August 25, 2017

Poetry Friday

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Whether you will be starting school soon or are looking forward to Labor Day, the first holiday of the school year, "Watermelon Day" by Rebecca K. is a perfect salute to the joy of an August day.  I always loved kissing summer goodbye with my students (they usually insisted the summer was over as soon as school started), and this poem is perfect for this occasion.  It closes with these lines:

Think about catching your imagination's fireflies,
While you lie in a freshly mowed field.
Listen to the crickets as they sing their August song.
Watch as the watermelon day passes you buy.
And love life while you have it."

These lines (from the longer poem on page 80) were written by Rebecca K., one of Linda Rief's eighth graders.  Linda's book, 100 Quickwrites, was my go-to resource for Poetry Friday in my classroom. If you don't have a copy, you might want to purchase one to supplement your library of quickwrite models.   


  1. Beautiful, Ramona. I want to read more! This rings so true as mellow watermelon evenings morph into the brisk mornings of early fall.

  2. Those Quickwrites are wonderful, I agree, Ramona. Great poem. Ingrid today said she was a little sad that summer was over, and like your students, I guess she's right. "Watermelon Days" seems an apt phrase.

  3. Looks like a professional book I need to have!

    Thanks for the reminder to "Love life while you have it." whether that is watermelon days or sour apple days!

  4. It is interesting how many children do feel that summer is over when school starts but the early September days make for a wonderful closing for summer. The poem you shared is lovely, Ramona. I must say that I am loving being at the Jersey Shore with my family and little granddaughter. Lots of photos have been taken.

  5. Those watermelon days sure are to be savored. Now that I'm not on the school schedule, I feel like I can experience more watermelon (and tomato and zucchini and eggplant and cantaloupe). It seemed school always started just as the garden produced its bounty. I'm grateful for the cool days we've had to end this August.

  6. It's like we have two new years in one year as we all get ready for school.