Saturday, February 2, 2019

Poetry Friday: Kitchen Sink Marvel!

  Tabbatha Yeatts-Lonske at The Opposite of Indifference
is hosting this week's round-up of poetic goodness. 
a hummingbird preens
shimmering iridescence
grace for a gray day 

I was at the kitchen sink when I spotted a hummingbird on a rain-kissed leaf right outside the window. After watching for a bit, I called to Jack to join me. I did not want to leave the spot in case my movement would cause the bird to fly away. 

So I cajoled, "Jack, come to Grandma. I have something to show you. It's a hummingbird. We have to be quiet."

And he came. And I scooped him up. It took a bit for him to see what I was talking about. But he finally spotted our hummingbird. We talked about his long bill and how he was cleaning himself with his bill. We watched for several minutes, almost holding our breaths, marveling at the beauty just beyond the kitchen sink.


  1. What a perfect moment, captured perfectly.

  2. That fits right in with the "minor miracles" that the Poetry Seven group posted this week. "Grace for a gray day" is lovely.

  3. I too love that you found this moment and "Grace for a gray day" is beautiful, along with Jack also being there.

  4. Ramona, your backstory for your poem made me smile. Not only were you delighted but Jack got to experience the hummingbird too. I tried to photograph a squirrel digging and chewing on his finds but could not get my I Phone fast enough to capture the scene. Your poem is wonderful. I can picture the scene. Would you like to offer the poem for my winter gallery?

    1. Would love to share my poem in your winter gallery. I wish I had a pic to go with it. But I was so mesmerized that I never even thought of trying to capture a pic.

  5. Absolutely, this is a minor miracle moment. Perfect.