Friday, June 28, 2019

Poetry Friday: A Book that Belongs on your Shelf!

Buffy Silverman is hosting this
week's round-up of poetic goodness.

I requested the book several months ago, but the holds list was several hundred patrons long. I despaired of ever coming to the top of the list. And then this month, it finally arrived on my holds shelf! I haven't had time to read it cover to cover yet. But I've flipped through its pages, marveled at the art, delighted in the words and reached an important decision. This is a book that I must own!  (In spite of the fact that we are constantly striving to whittle down our massive collection of books.)
(Click on the title for Maria's review 
at Brain Pickings and a glimpse
into the wondrous illustrations.)

And so today, I bring you a few snippets from the poetic entries in these letters to a young reader to whet your appetite and send you to your nearest indie bookstore so you can read the entire poems. 

"Stories become our 
 well-worn pathways,
 and our companions, too."
"Dear Spacetime Traveler" by Lucianne Walkowicz 

"It's lovely to read in the bathtub
 (but be careful the book doesn't slip)!
"Great Places to Read Books" by Sarah Kay
(I'm hoping to locate a print of Lisa D"Andrea's charming illustration for this poem.)

"But once it comes to rest
 In the nest of your hands
    The book is a bird"
"To a Reader" by Matthew Burgess

"To read is a skill, a blessing, an invitation, an opportunity."
"To the Open Minds of Tomorrow" by Aaron Koblin

"I stopped being lonely
  I met myself everywhere 
  I got lost
  I got found"
"Dear Readers" by Eve Ensler 
"You become part of it- your fingerprints on the paper; your sneeze
 Your DNA
 Your lunch. ..."
"Instructions Included" by Dona Ann McAdams

"A guide, a balm, a touchstone, a totem
 Nothing can beat a good book as companion."
"A Book is a Magic Carpet" by Shirley Manson

"Books don't teach us about life,
 they just call forth what
 our mind suspects,
 our heart hopes,
 and our spirit knows
 to be true."
"The world is alive, generous," by Tom De Blasis    

"No other dragon watches curled
 Around such riches as are mine,
 My Word-hoard, my dear Library:
 For every book contains a world!"
"Dear Reader" by Ursula K. Le Guin  

It's a book meant to be savored slowly and reopened frequently. It's a book for those who delight in the written word and inviting images. It's a book that I believe belongs on your shelf!


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation--this looks like one to savor (and I love Brain Pickings!)

  2. Ramona, I checked out the illustrations as you recommended and they are so interesting and you chose the best quotes to whet my appetite. Thank you. I hope we hear more about this book from you.

  3. I just got lost on the link you gave, with the illustrations. (Well - I got there safely, but then couldn't find my way out of it.😂) Thank-you for sharing.

  4. We are both on a Maria Popova kick this week, aren't we? She's amazing. You must, but if others don't -- subscribe to her newsletter! Have you ever live-streamed her poetry event in April?

    I'm laughing a bit because I got a copy from the library at first, too, and then had to order my own copy!!

    1. Mary Lee, I subscribe to the newsletter, but don't know anything about her live poetry event. You'll have to remind me next April!

  5. oooooooh! I want this book. Headed to my library to place a hold right now! These quotes are perfect. I want to use them in my library already.

  6. So much book wisdom! I need to find this book. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm still pondering this quote by Eve Ensler. It feels like it speaks my truth to me. I followed the link to look at images from the book. Wow! I discovered that my library has 8 copies with only 33 (now 34) holds. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. Thanks for sharing this book. It looks like a keeper.