Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Slice of Life: Dear Day Designer!

One of my favorite things to do each summer is to pick out my new planner. I'm one of those folks who loves to purchase a planner that begins in July and ends in June. Maybe it's from all my years of teaching or maybe it's because I like a fresh start in the summer.

For the last several years, I've purchased a Day Designer calendar. I love the pocket that's near the front, perfect for coupons. I love the two page spread for each month with a space for Notes & To-Do, and the inclusion of the prior month's calendar and the upcoming month as well. I like the two page spread for each week, with a space for This Week's Top Three (perfect for goal setting), the lines provided for each day's plans, and the daily To-Do list with boxes for checking things off. 

As you can see, I have the ALMOST perfect planner! But, every year about this time, I get cranky with my planner. I NEED calendar pages for the three months ahead (July, August, and September). It's not yet time for my new calendar, but most of the events I want and need to enter are for future months. 

I was totally excited when I picked up my new planner to see a bonus feature of two additional months. Hurray! They have finally seen the light and next year, I'll have the July and August planning pages as I near the end of my planner. But wait! The bonus month pages are for May and June of 2019. Now why would I want the previous two months when I start using my new planner in July???

While I was writing this post, I hit upon my own solution to this problem. I'll copy the July and August monthly planning pages from my new planner and glue them onto some of my blank note pages in the back of my current planner. But please, Day Designer, could you include those months in my 2020/2021 planner?  It would make this satisfied customer extremely happy!


  1. As a long time lover of the Day Planner, I loved your post! I've used this one for many years. A few years ago, when my son was a beginning teacher, I took him to Staples to buy him a few back to school supplies......guess what he bought! I smiled and realized he had been watching!

  2. I've been fidgety the last few days because I NEED my new planner! You have a brilliant idea there, Ramona!

  3. I buy a new planner every year, then I struggle to actually WRITE in my planner. I'm so glad you have a solution to your summer planning needs.

  4. Ramona, that planner of yours seems well-organized. I use my digital calendar and am lost without it when I mislay my iPhone but what I do know is that I am off to Virginia on Friday for Sierra's 2nd birthday celebration. It is great that it is the day before Father's Day so we can have both sides of the family in town for a gala weekend.

  5. A planner for summer? You are so organised. Impressive.

  6. Everyone has specific ideas for what they love. I'm glad you found your own solution, Ramona. It is strange that they gave you months before!