Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Slice of Life: Plea for Tomatoes!

We've had several days of overcast skies, but this morning I spotted my first possibilities of summer lusciousness in the pots by the driveway.

Five tiny green globes
Require your warmth to flourish
C'mon, Mister Sun!

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  1. Reminds me of my mom... she loved to grow tomatoes every summer. And your plea is true for us these days, too. We have had many days of rain, rain, rain. We are looking for the sun!

  2. I'm wishing for sun here in Florida, too, Ramona. Love that you have a few of those 'green globes'!

  3. Sun come my way, too, I've been saying on Long Island. Today, after the torrential rain storm yesterday, the sun came out. What did I do? My family jumped in the car headed for the beach. Thanks for sharing your tomato tale. Hope they grow from little green globes to juicy red tomatoes.

  4. We have had lots of chilly, rainy weather this month too. I'm sitting here right now in flannel pajamas with a fleece jacket and then a blanket over my legs. I can't wait for sunshine!