Sunday, June 2, 2019

Celebrating Three Months!

I used to participate in a weekly celebrate post. When our group evaporated, I decided to do a monthly celebrate post. I knew I had two months to write about, but a look back at my blog revealed that it's been three months since I celebrated. 

March 2019
  • Our yearly book club retreat  
  • Will's birthday
  • Christmas gift massage (nothing beats it for total relaxation)
  • Thirty-one days of slicing for the Slice of Life Challenge summarized in my post, Looking Back  
  • This glorious sunset on the last day of March
April 2019
  • Grandson Robby's arrival

  • Love these pics of springtime in DC
  • Celebrating National Poetry Month with a Skype visit with niece Kara's 4th graders in Oklahoma

May 2019
  • Brothers connect over a chat about cars
  • Our grandparent group met at Island Books to discuss Anna  Quindlen's new book Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting
  • Sara and her boys 
  •  Mother's Day in Virginia with Blake, Teddy, and Stefi


  1. Love your celebratory post, Ramona.

  2. Such great celebrations! Love the brothers chatting about cars!!