Friday, August 23, 2019

Poetry Friday: #DearOneLBH

 Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at The Poem Farm
is hosting this week's celebration
of beloved children's poet and anthologist,
Lee Bennett Hopkins.

I'm happy to join this celebration of Lee Bennett Hopkins today. I pulled all my poetry anthologies by Lee off my shelves, read each poem by Lee, and borrowed the line "carries us all" from the poem "School Supplies" in the book by the same title.  It wasn't long before I realized that I wanted to model my poem on his "School Supplies" poem. Here's my "Poem Train" chugging down the tracks to join today's #DearOneLBH celebration.

Poem Train 

This glad-Friday


poem train

gathered for Lee

carries us all –

         Poem friends-

         Fans of Lee-

        Scanning lines of poetry

        and finding



       words to love.

-   Ramona Behnke
    (mentor poem – “School Supplies” by Lee Bennett Hopkins)


  1. We ARE a poem train, Ramona! And I am so grateful you are one of our cars, we "Poem friends-/Fans of Lee-. Much love. xx

  2. What a terrific image, Ramona - and so many "words to love" all around today as we celebrate Lee. Thanks for keeping us moving!

  3. I've loved every post today, Ramona, & since yours is one of the last, it's a beautiful fitting image of a train of colorful cars all celebrating Lee's words. Thank you!

  4. Your train just pulled into my tracks and I love the colorfulness and simple imagery of its line. We are on your poem train and Lee is our conductor leading us on.

  5. I love that picture of all of us reading through his words in order to pay him tribute.

  6. All aboard! This weekend's journey has been so uplifting. You've come up with the perfect analogy and poem to celebrate reflect his adoring fans and friends.

  7. This week's roundup has been tear-jerking and joy-full at the same time!

  8. A poem train that carries us all ... what a fitting image. Thank you, Ramona.

  9. I love the poem train that this weekend has become. I love all of us reading line after line and sharing the ones we love.

  10. What a delightful way to see all the LBH love being shared this weekend.