Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Slice of Life: Let's Start at the Very Beginning!

A recent family getaway took us to the Olympic Peninsula. Since our son Blake and his family live in Virginia, our times when we can all be together are precious and treasured.  Join us for our hike 
to the waterfall at Crescent Lake.
 Cousins hit the trail!
 All the boys, except baby Robby!
Baby Robby
who rode the entire way!
 Log sitting!
 Tree exploring!
 Stump standing!
The waterfall!
Daughter Sara and family
Grandpa and Grandma
Son Blake and family
Sometimes a boy needs a ride!
 The end of the trail
Hungry hikers enjoy a picnic!


  1. Looks like a beautiful hike, which led to lovely memories for you and for the grandkids!

    I got a chuckle as I looked at the final photo of your grandsons eating grapes since I have a bowl full of grapes on my desk as I'm reading through slices right now!

  2. I loved every minute and photo of your nature walk, Ramona. I was amazed at how grown up the boys look and even the baby is getting so big. Thanks for sharing the journey. Sierra is off on her own adventure in Banff and Montana. I must admit that I get nervous seeing her so high up on a trail.

  3. Oh those sweet boys! I especially love the photo with their big backpacks on. This sounds like a wonderful hike!

  4. How fun it is to see these guys growing up, always with so much love!