Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Slice of Life: Friday at the Park

I just completed my third week of watching two grand boys three days a week. I'm not willing to venture out much with two grandsons quite yet, although I did walk the neighborhood loop this past week with one buckled in the Caboose stroller and one standing behind. And pushing two will strenghten muscles I'm sure.

Fridays are reserved for fun with Grandpa. We went to the park that has a fire truck and a beach. 

In spite of Grandpa's bare feet trying to cajole Jack to step into the water, Jack was not ready. 
However, he kept Grandpa busy filling his bucket with water which he promptly dumped on the sand. 

Brother Robby and Grandma watched the action from a nearby shady spot.

As we left the park, we passed someone picking blackberries. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we had two grandsons with us or that we looked worn out, maybe both. She offered us the stuffed-to-the-brim bag of blackberries she had just filled. When we protested that she was much too kind, she replied that she wanted to share them with Jack. He and I had stopped along the way to sample a few. There were enough blackberries to enjoy with our lunch and then make a cobbler. There's something "berry delicious" about blackberries and the kindness of a stranger who shares her bounty. It's a summer moment I'll savor for a long time. 
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  1. Ramona, a random act of kindness afforded you a sweet summer treat. Pass the cobbler please!

  2. Oh, how sweet! My cousins' children are about the same ages and I can attest of how busy they are.

    It's so amazing that you had such a sweet gift from a stranger! These unexpected gifts are the best!

  3. What a "sweet" story. You can never under estimate the power of kindness.

  4. I'm with Robby. I would find a shady spot to sit and watch the action. What a nice gesture on that woman's part to share the berries she picked.

  5. Like always, love seeing your pictures & the act of kindness makes a big smile for me, as I know it did for you.