Monday, September 2, 2019

Celebrating Summer!

I've gathered some words and pics to sum
up my summer celebrations:
three months of delight - 
special visits with family and friends,
savoring delicious foods,
and spending time outdoors.

Birthday celebrations:
A sixty plus year for Grandma
Birthday roses from a friend's garden  
 The Three Rees (retirees) together
for a birthday breakfast
followed by a walk in the Botanical Gardens.
Teddy celebrates his third birthday
with friends at a Virginia park. 

Jack and Kara up in a swing,
up in a swing so high! 
Outing to Harstine Island 

Family gathering in Sequim
Grandma's Best Boys! 

Cousins making merry!

Check out our family hike 
to the waterfall at Crescent Lake! 

Peonies, my favorite summer blossoms!
Anniversary flowers from Pike Place Market!

Farmer's Markets

Cousins meet up at Hogle Zoo
while visiting grandparents in Utah.

Robby, the charmer
Jack reads to Robby!
Robby shows off his planking skills!

Ready for church 

Three boys in a stack!
 Blueberry yuminess!
Morning play!

Seafair weekend and a Blue Angels sighting from my deck 

Teddy & Blake on the museum circuit
and visiting the National Mall!
Ready for church
Teddy & Grandpa making music

Scooter shenanigans!

Bidding farewell to the Lundells :(
is not a celebration. But we do celebrate 
 years of friendship and sharing a
pew with them on Sundays!
And since they love to travel, we know
they'll come back to visit.
Blue skies


Hikes with hubby,
our family hike to Crescent Falls, 
and a StoryWalk hike with Sara and the three grandboys!  

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