Friday, January 10, 2020

Poetry Friday: "Everyday Grace" by Stella Nesanovich

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Thanks for hosting, Sally.

I am sharing poems and moments of light (my OLW) this year. 

" . . .  light does get through . . . "  These words arrived as a gift in Kirby Larson's newsletter this week. Read "A Christmas Miracle" here.

Sometimes we are the recipients of light and sometimes we are the bearers of light. The poem "Everyday Grace" by Stella Nesanovich shows how the "light does get through," even on ordinary days and in ordinary places. 

May your week be filled with moments when you are the bearer and the receiver of light.


  1. "Everyday Grace" is lovely, Ramona. "It can happen like that". I have a favorite quote from a Candice Ransom that someone sent to me when my husband was ill: "Grace is having friends who follow you on journeys that aren't the roads we choose. They go with us anyway." It was important to me, still is! Thanks for these pieces of light today!

  2. "Suddenly an ordinary day
    becomes holy ground."
    Oh my....just perfect. I have just the friend to send this to right now.

  3. anywhere we share stories,
    and grace flows between us.

    Just love this poem, Ramona - a reminder that grace is often a matter of choice, the way we choose to live.

  4. "Everyday Grace" made me tear up. Thanks for bearing this light, Ramona.

  5. What a beautiful poem, Ramona. Thanks for sharing - a lovely reminder of transformative moments in seemingly ordinary places, as well as the fact that all around us are people carrying their own tales.

  6. Wishing you a week filled with light, Ramona.

  7. Everyday Grace is a lovely poem. It goes with the devotional reading and response I had this morning--a call to be/bring light in a dark world. Thank you for sharing.

  8. The ending of the poem is so touching, Ramona. Within the hardships and challenges of life, single moments where grace passes among two is amazing. It is often that I don' think of this so thank you for bringing this feeling back to me.