Friday, January 3, 2020

Poetry Friday: My first light poem

Head over to Carol's Corner
for this week's round-up of poetic goodness.  
Carol's share is a Maya Angelou poem
perfect for the beginning of a new year.
Thanks, Carol, for hosting this week!
Good morning and Happy New Year, poetry friends!

My OLW for this new year is light and I intend to share many light poems this year. This first one, " When I Am Among the Trees" by Mary Oliver could well be my poem of the year since it combines two favorite things, light and trees. Enjoy this  excerpt from the poem and look it up to enjoy it in its entirety. I found it in my book, Devotions (p. 123). 

Around me the trees stir in their leaves,
and call out, 'Stay awhile.'
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, 'It's simple,' they say,
'and you too have come 
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.'"


  1. This is a beautiful post....light is a beautiful word and I love it. There's so many wonderful ways to find light, see light, be the light. I look forward to whatever you share from this journey. And, Mary can't go wrong with her poetry. Wowsa!

  2. Oh, that ending, Ramona, is simple wonderful, like all Mary Oliver poems. I have a tree theme on my blog today, too, and looking forward to your 'light' poems this year. Happy 2020!

  3. I love that you have presented your OLW in such a unique way. This Mary Oliver poem is gorgeous, I especially love the last three lines. I can't wait to see what other poems you will share!

  4. Looking for light is a wonderful way to enter the new year. I love the poem you've shared today. I always find such ease in Mary Oliver's words and leave them feeling lighter, so this feels like a perfect fit for me in many ways. I'm looking forward to reading more light-inspired poetry!

  5. What a wonderful poem--and wonderful word. Wishing you a light-filled year!

  6. A perfect poem and OLW to guide you into the new year, Ramona.

  7. Oh, Ramona, thank you for sharing Mary Oliver, whose work never fails to be a light. Happy 2020!