Thursday, January 2, 2020

Spiritual Journey Thursday: OLW Reveal for 2020

I was vacillating between three words until yesterday afternoon. When I looked at our thermometer and saw that it was in the 50s and not raining, I asked my husband if he'd like to join me for a walk. I have to admit that I lost my momentum of trying (my 2019 OLW) for 10,000 steps at least four times a week during December. And the first day of the new year seemed like the perfect time to return to this important habit. 

By the time we got our schedules synchronized to step outside together, I was totally amazed to see blue sky! And even a bit of sun peeking through the clouds.  And it was at that point that I knew this year's word would be light! (The other two words I  considered were gather and connect. Maybe next year one of those words will walk with me.)

I'm now sitting in the family room typing by the light of the Christmas tree on another typical gray Northwest day. But the memory of yesterday's light lingers in my heart. I look forward to traveling with light through 2020 and seeing what I'm supposed to learn. 

Words that I chose in previous years include listen, savor, stretch, abide, nourish, delight, and try.

And here are a few pics from yesterday's awe-inspiring, light-filled walk!


  1. Light is a beautiful choice! Have a wonderful 2020!

  2. I'm so attracted to this word light. The way the sun streams through the clouds is a spiritual sign for me. And light is necessary for a rainbow. I hope light leads you to new joy this year.

  3. Ramona, I am so glad that the day offered you respite from gray tones. It also provided you with food for thought. Light is a reflective word that will filter through your life in so many ways. Perhaps, it will let you see the light shining in your grandchildren's eyes, reflecting who they are. Maybe it will provide you with a new walkway full of light streaming down from heaven to continue growing in the arms of faith. May your one word be a guide for you this year.

  4. Light is one of my favorite words and metaphors. I believe we must always seek it, even seeking to see things in a new light... I love how the memory of light from the previous day buoyed your spirit. Few things are as powerful as light. Beautiful post.

  5. Ramona, I love your stunning lit sky images.
    As I love letting "Light" be your 2020 guide.

  6. Ramona: The daily/nightly drama of light in the sky, peeking through clouds, shining in the darkness, overcoming the darkness... light is a wonderful word to live with for a year. Good luck to you, and I look forward to your insights.