Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Slice of Life: #52 Stories, 2/52: Snow Memories

Yesterday's two hour late start and dusting of snow plunged me into snow memories.  And yes, I am a retired teacher, but I'm still as eager as the kids for a snow day. Somehow, a snow day is a license for slow, for cozy, for pajamas, for hot chocolate, for curling up with a book. 

I grew up with my own personal knight in shining armor, my daddy. And at no time did his armor shine more brightly than when it snowed. He took delight in taking to the roads where no other tire had trod. Snow was a challenge that he gladly took on with his trusty mud and snow tires. I remember the time that he walked almost three miles from our home to Tandy Town, where mom worked as fabric manager at Ben Franklin, so that he could drive her home on the snow covered roads. When I was teaching middle school in our hometown and snow came in the middle of the day, my car would be the only one in the lot with a clear windshield and a pre-warmed interior. That's one of the benefits of being the youngest and having a retired dad who loved rescuing damsels in distress.

But when I was teaching 7th and 8th grade at Monte Casino in Tulsa, there was no knight forthcoming at the end of a snowy day (at least not initially). I called Lance and he told me that he was working and wouldn't be coming to my rescue. This was a dragon that I could slay! 

I entered the snow covered parking lot and said a prayer or two. My tires spun and I slid, unable to conquer the small hill in the parking lot. After numerous tries, our headmaster Mr. Peters, a seasoned Ohioan, ambled out and asked if I could use his help. I slid into the passenger seat and after several slippery tries, he got me out of the lot and pointed toward 21st Street. I crept along those snow covered streets and prayed myself home. 

And then, luckily, I found myself with homes that were walking distance from the schools where my children attended and teaching in a community where we laughingly say that school is closed when the first flake falls. There was even the time we had a no snow "snow day" when the predicted snow never arrived. 

When people comment that they can handle the snowy roads, it's the other folks that worry them, I cringe inside. I am the other folk they worry about. If at all possible, I do not venture out on snowy roads. And so if I'm needed at daughter's house to babysit tomorrow, I'll wait patiently for my knight in shining armor (son-in-law Will) to arrive and ferry me over bridges and freeways in his trusty steed and up the slippery hill to his castle.


  1. Lovely - and nice to have that knight who can help you through slippery roads. Here in Minnesota snow is a way of live for at least 4 months so I have learned to make it through the worst of that white stuff. Be safe and enjoy a good book inside during the snow.

  2. I enjoyed that slice of snow memories, Ramona. I grew up in Syracuse, NY where snow started after Thanksgiving and lasted to Easter. Roads were icy, snow piled high and was noted as dirty snow. The first fall of dancing snow was always beautiful but after that roads were tough to navigate when black ice formed. It is interesting to note that Upstate NY does not have the hard winters like the past. That's the reality of climate change. As for your fairytale slice, I loved that your Daddy was a shiny knight who protected you. - After my days in Syracuse I decided to change my thoughts and welcome winter for its beauty. I hope the new weather coming your way is mild or keep on calling in your knights in shining armor.

    1. I've been fortunate to live where snow is a rare happening. My daughter and husband were in Ithaca while he went to grad school and she navigated snowy roads for a 45 minute commute. No knights for her, she slayed that dragon daily during the winter.

  3. Ramona,
    So thankful that many days I can choose whether I want to go anywhere when the roads are less than optimal! So nice to have choices or a knight in the background!

  4. Snowy memories are always fun to remember. My parents are both retired teachers and they still love a snow day as well. It's funny how that just never gets old and is always a bit of a delight.

  5. Yeah, I’m one of those people who worries about the other folks. (And I never thought I needed to be afraid of you, Ramona. You’re telling me I’m wrong, aren’t you?)

    All kidding aside, may you stay warm and cozy inside on future snow days. That’s my favorite place to be when the white stuff falls!