Friday, August 14, 2020

Poetry Friday: Curbside Pickup and Library Memories


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Since daughter and her family had the week off and went camping last week, we watched the boys on Saturday (daughter and son-in-law's anniversary) instead of our usual Friday. The highlight of the day was when I told the boys I was going to the library to pick up books. Suddenly, everyone wanted to join me! And so we loaded up - Grandma, Grandpa, three and a half year old Jack, and sixteen month old Robby. 


As we pulled in front of the library, Jack asked if he could come in and I had to tell him, "No, I won't even be going in. We are here for curbside pickup." However, after four months without any new library books, we're thrilled for curbside pickup!  


Here's a lovely Nikki Giovanni poem "My First Memory (of Librarians)" that I discovered when I went in search of the link for "Knoxville, Tennessee" for last week's Poetry Friday share. Here's the final stanza . Be sure to click on the link to read the entire poem.


"The welcoming smile of my librarian

The anticipation in my heart

All those books—another world—just waiting

At my fingertips." 


I look forward to the day when we can enter libraries again, but I celebrate books in brown paper bags at tables outside the library. I'm so grateful for libraries and their efforts to provide books and services during the pandemic.


  1. I realized during the pandemic how much I count on my library and how much I missed going there regularly. I was so excited when they started curbside pickup. We're now able to go into the library and that's one of few places I choose to spend my "covid points." Nikki Giovanni's poem captures so much that resonates. My first library was actually quite different in appearance thought not in spirit. It was a bookmobile!

  2. Hooray for curbside pickup! We are getting ready for delivery at my school. Thanks for the Giovanni poem.

  3. Ramona, libraries always have been special to me since I was a child. I loved reading that the boys, Grandpa, and Grandma took a library trip. A week ago, I went to the library to use the computer because of the storm. It was empty. Computers weren’t available. The books looked lonely. We don’t have curbside pickup that I know of. I have hundreds of books of my own so when I move to VA I plan on having my own little library for the girls. Thanks for your family store that prompted mine.

  4. I love mine, too, am so grateful for the work the librarians are doing for all of us. And, I do miss going in to pick up, but browsing for just a few more! I have written about my first memory, clumping up the stairs of the bookmobile where that librarian always saved books for me! Thanks, Ramona, fun to read about the boys & all of you going for the brown bags!

  5. Hooray for curbside pickup and inter-library loan! But I do miss browsing in person.

    1. Me too! It's why I'm relying more than ever on friend recommendations.

  6. Yes! I was so thrilled when curbside pick-up started. And now I can even go in (oh-so-briefly) and pick up my reserve books on my shelf. No browsing, but one step closer. I miss my libraries so much.