Saturday, June 17, 2023

Poetry Friday: Zap! Clap! Boom!: The Story of a Thunderstorm

There are more poetry books arriving on my holds shelf than I can get around to sharing. And isn't that a wonderful challenge? 

This week I will simply let a picture tell the tale. This is my six-year old grandson who absolutely loves Laurie Purdie Salas's rhyming tale of a thunderstorm.

He's the kind of guy who lets me read the back matter to him and knows more than I do about dinosaurs, our world, and the solar system. 

But our fascination doesn't stop with him. Yesterday the book was requested by his brothers, almost two and four years of age. They love chanting Zap! Clap! Boom! when we get to those words. As for me, I'm looking forward to sharing thunderstorms with them after we move to North Carolina. I'm sure summer will provide at least a few opportunities to chant those words Zap! Clap! Boom! and remember all the things we learned in this story about a thunderstorm. Thanks, Laura, for another family favorite!

Michelle is hosting our Poetry Friday fun this week.


  1. Yes, it is one to love for sure. North Carolina will show you a few examples! Love that happy picture, Ramona!

  2. How wonderful! I love to see the really good books so well loved by the really good kids.

  3. How fun! I'll have to look for this book at the library.

  4. Your grandson is beaming with joy, such authentically wonderful book love, thanks for sharing all Ramona!