Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's a fifth Tuesday!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
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It's time to revisit my one little word for 2014!  I committed in January that every month with a 5th Tuesday would be a time to revisit and reflect on my OLW for the year.

Savor - a call to slow down,
A decision to experience, to be present, to
Value a moment
Of life that will never
Return again.

Writing is an act of savoring moments and experiences.  Taking photographs is an opportunity to focus on a moment.  While my writing and my photography are definitely works-in-progress, the memories of moments I've savored this year are pure perfection.  I thank my OLW for calling me to slow down, to experience, to be present for precious moments.


  1. An OWL acrostic - a new twist. I like yours a lot. I read and reread, appreciating it more with each reading.

  2. We all need to slow down and learn to savor what is in our lives. Hope you continue to savor what is important to you.

  3. So few words capture a huge concept. What a delight to read and savor the pace of life!

  4. This was cool...and I love the word savor. This is the second post that mentions photography! I liked how each of your words is necessary and the overall message is strong. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  5. Bravo!! I have to find my OLW. But I love your commitment. Since September I've been video taping a minute of my life every day. Now I remember that :)

  6. I have so enjoyed your journey with savor - especially the way you've used photographs, Ramona.

  7. Love it. Great acrostic. I have an OLW - embrace - similar to yours. But haven't done a reflection for awhile. Will have to do that.

  8. THIS IS GREAT! Perhaps we all need to do one as the year moves into its final quarter!

  9. This is so incredibly good! Love your planned reflection!

  10. Love the acrostic and the monthly check on plan on your OLW. I have a quarterly check-in plan. Your plan makes more sense!

    1. Beth, wish I had a monthly check-in, but mine is quarterly too, 5th Tuesdays only happen four times a year. The good news is that I've remembered my word all year and lived it more than ever before.