Saturday, September 27, 2014

Celebrating Rain!

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                                     A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

Celebrating rain?
Maybe that means after 17 years of living in the Northwest, 
I've finally turned into a soggy creature who actually likes the rain 
(ask me about that again in February)!  

  I celebrate that rain makes possible our lush Northwest environment.
 I celebrate that I didn't have to water this week.
I celebrate that our new driveway drains quickly.
I celebrate these pictures of raindrops on my plants.  


  1. Something so simple, but yet worthy of celebration. I know many who are wishing for the rain.

  2. Time for us to get a little bit of that moisture from you, Ramona. Gorgeous pics!

  3. I dream of living in the Pacific Northwest with all those cloudy days and rain! Perhaps I wouldn't like it if I really lived there, but it's certainly a pleasant fantasy for those of us living in the dryer parts of the country!

  4. Our part of the world is celebrating rain resonates with me especially these days!I would love to see some raindrops dancing on my plants soon.

  5. I love rainy favorite time for snuggling up and reading a really good book.

  6. Oh I hear you - being a little North in Vancouver also the land of rain - I love when I don't have to water. Love the clean air smell. Love the misty, foggy days!

  7. The image of rain on the leaf is incredible and your post is a reminder that we really do need the rain (even if at times it is inconvenient!)