Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Serendipitous Discovery!

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I'm a distinguished procrastinator!  When I can't stand looking at one more file that needs to be purged (I retired this past June), I stroll over to my computer and meander.

This past week on SOL Tuesday, I stopped by Adrienne's blog, books and bassetts.  I was intrigued by her numbers - 26 years of teaching and 6 years since she's been in the classroom.  I wondered if she had been in a coaching position that had been eliminated.  I looked at a few posts, checked out her About tab, and then meandered through many other posts.

It didn't take me long to make several connections with this fellow blogger:
1.  I share a Northwest connection with Adrienne! She's in Portland, and I'm in the Seattle area.
2.  I share a love of books with Adrienne.  She blogs about books all the time.   She's a librarian whose position was eliminated. :(
3.  I share a love of poetry with Adrienne.  Check out her Poetry Comes Alive post with tons of links for online poetry resources.
4.  And then I hit paydirt!  Adrienne reviewed a book that I had been searching for on her July 1, Canada Day post.  I discovered this book last year and used it in my narrative writing unit.  I checked it out more than once, but I couldn't remember the title or the author when I wanted to share it with Carrie Gelson.  I knew it was a Canadian author so I described the book to Carrie in response to one of her posts, but it didn't ring a bell.  I squealed with delight when I saw the cover of the book I Know Here on Adrienne's blog, and I quickly requested From There to Here (which I haven't read yet.)

So the next time you yearn to meander blogs, give in.  You never know what connections and discoveries await you in the blogosphere.  Thanks, Adrienne, for leading me to the book I was trying to remember!


  1. Hey! I serendipily clicked on your SOL link this morning & saw my name mentioned! I'm glad I was able to help. I send those blog posts out there & I wonder who actually looks at them. Just so you know, we share the procrastinating, too. That's the hardest part about going back to school: my morning of meandering and puttering.

    1. I think we'll have to meet someday. A friend who uses the words meander and putter in the same sentence is definitely a friend I need to know in person. Hope things are going well in your classroom. The students are so lucky to have a teacher who knows children's books so well!

  2. I love the connecting, Ramona, & looked up the book which is new this year, so thanks for that, too. It is fun to explore...

  3. Well, I won't feel too bad about procrastinating now...I like how you put it...meandering...and so much to discover while doing so. How fun that you found so many connections with Adrienne as well as finding the book you could not remember. I wonder...do we procrastinate more, now that we are retired? Thanks for the post. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  4. It's one of the best things about this blogging world - all these lovely connections!

  5. So great that you took that time to meander and get to know Adrienne. What a testimony to her and to you. Love this community :)

  6. Love your phrase distinguished procrastinator, and I completely agree with you about meandering. "You never know what connections and discoveries await you in the blogosphere." Truer words were never spoken! Thanks for sharing!