Friday, September 5, 2014

Poetry Friday: A Lucky Thing by Alice Schertle

"Poetry speaks to the heart and to the mind.
A cherished poem is a gift that we may carry with us all our lives."
 - Alice Schertle

If you're not familiar with Alice Schertle's poetry, it's a lucky thing that you stopped by today.  Alice studied with Myra Cohn Livingston at the University of California.  I own this book (explaining the genre sticker P for Poetry and the word Behnke written on the book).  It's out of print, but I hope you'll be able to request a copy from your library.  It is exquisitely illustrated by Wendell Minor.   Watch for the symbol related to writing that he tucks into each painting.

  • In "Right Here," the poet (a young girl) begins with this phrase:  "Right here on this clean white page..." She speaks of scattering words, digging deep, and building to raise the the roof ending with the phrase, "Write here." 
  • Schertle captures the experience of observing an animal in "Poem about Rabbit," "A pink-eyed poem, ... A quiet poem ... coming close enough to touch, ..."
  • In the final poem "Writing Past Midnight" the poet writes in a barn where "...stanzas are stacked to the ceiling," and "a small gray verse runs squeaking down one of the rafters."  
These poems will encourage the writers in your classroom to carefully observe the world around them as they search for writing ideas.  It's a great book to share in writer's workshop.

I'm thrilled to join this community of poetry lovers each Friday!  Head over to Poetry Friday Roundup with Laura at Author Amok to get your weekly taste of poetry.


  1. Oh Ramona, what a find (for me I guess). This looks like a beautiful book to have in the classroom. I love the idea of "A pink-eyed poem...". Thanks!

  2. This sounds like a great choice for the classroom, Ramona. I love the cover, too!

  3. I truly love Wendell Minor's art - I shall try to find this one in our library.

  4. This will be one worth searching for!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful recommendation, Ramona! I just requested it from my library!