Sunday, January 18, 2015

Celebrate this Week!

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                                    A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

    1.  I found a white box that was lost or shall I say misplaced (watch for the backstory on a future blog post).  If you don't lose things, then you have fewer moments of celebration in your life.  Because when I find something I've lost, I rejoice!

    2.  Priority mail saved the day.  My daughter remarked the other day that I gave her husband a Seahawks shirt for Christmas in 2013, but I didn't buy one for her.  So on Tuesday night, my friend Jan (who loves football) fed me dinner, then we walked the mall, and found a shirt for Sara.  I popped it in the mail on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon, she had her Seahawks shirt in time for Sunday's game!

    3.  I discovered this book in our school library.  One of my favorite sessions at NCTE was "Harnessing the Power of Narrative, Visual Art, and Lyrical Storytelling in Informational Books."  I loved hearing from Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet, authors and illustrators whose work I already knew.  Cynthia Grady, author of I Lay My Stitches Down, discussed using poetry to engage students with language and history. I can't find my NCTE notes (remember I'm a blogger who loses things), but I do remember Cynthia talking about how each poem gives voice to the perspective of a different person.   I can't wait to explore the poems created from her  meticulous research of American slavery and quilt history.

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    1. I'd forgotten about I Lay My Stitches down, will put it on the list & look for it after the Cybils work. It does seem like it would be good. I love the idea of celebrating when finding something one has lost. If that is so, I do that every day at school, more than once. I knew I was back in the classroom when I had to begin looking for something! Finally, guess that shirt helped the Seahawks. I thought today they had lost the game & what a comeback! Whew-you all must have had palpitations! Thanks for all, Ramona, & have a terrific week!