Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Lure of the Cover

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by

I stood in the airport newsstand shop, perusing the magazine covers.
It was December 23 and too late to entice us with holiday projects,
so every cover screamed the new year buzz words.
Even though I rarely buy magazines
(they're too expensive and I never get around to reading them anyway),
 this cover called me!  

Let me count the words that lured me:
1.  Get Organized!
2.  Clutter Cures for Every Room
3. New Year
New Recipes
4.  Weeknight Comfort Food
5.  Vegetarian Slow Cooker
6.  Save More in 2015
7.  All-Natural Ways to Handle Your Hormones
8.  Lose Weight, Get Fit
9.  19 Best Apps & Websites
10.   Yule Love It! 
11.  So Easy!  Marshmallows & Rolos (Candy Mushrooms)
Okay, so #10 & #11 are a project, but a beautifully crafted food project: 
The Yule Log! 
(I had just helped the Siddoways with their traditional Yule log 
and I might want to make one someday!)
12.  Low Price $2.79
What were the four words that did not call to me?  
The Perfect Cocktail Party,
but once I looked inside the magazine
I discovered 
13. awesome recipes for appetizers 
paired with the cocktails.

And so I succumbed.
Finding resistance futile, I bought it.  
Hook, line, and sinker!

What are the words that lure you 
and crumble your resistance
at the magazine stand?


  1. I know that lure. I've been fighting it with an app and my local library. Our library lets you download current magazine and users can read them in Zinio. It's amazing! When I feel the tug of the headlines I tell myself I can download that at home.

  2. And sometimes you need to shake up your reading diet. I'm never without a book in the airport, but traveling conveys permission to be extravagant every once in a while. With titles like these, I'm weak in the knees too.

  3. I LOVE magazines. And airport bookstores. Cooking articles don't entice me, because I HATE to cook, but oh, those "cure clutter" and have a beautifully decorated house with flowers in every room sure do. Paradoxically, when I buy them, all they do is clutter up my house and life more! YIKES!

  4. Marketing sure knows how to lure us into buying. I like to cook, more precisely bake, so tempting dessert pictures on th cover tempt me.

  5. Cure Clutter is always a headline bound to draw me in, too! Looks like a juicy issue, Ramona! #4 and #5 have me hooked, too!

  6. LOL! That's great. I could use some of those recipes.