Monday, January 5, 2015

Resources for OLW (One Little Word)

I introduced Slice of Life writing to some teachers at the school where I taught before retirement.  I'm sharing the letter I sent them with resources for OLW (One Little Word) because I think some of you might also find it helpful:

 January 5, 2015

Good Morning Slicers,

Many slicers (people who write Slice of Life entries on the Two Writing Teachers blog) select a OLW (one little word) for each year.  Some of them have used the concept with students.  One of my blogger friends, Margaret Simon, featured my stretch acrostic in an Emaze she created to share with students.  I asked for her permission to share the link and her reply was:  "It is meant for sharing!"
Here's the link to Margaret's Emaze:

Here's a post from another blogger friend, Tara Smith (6th grade teacher), about introducing OLW into writing workshop (with great pics of student visuals for OLWs):

Here's a post from my blogger friend, Terje about how to choose your OLW:

Here's the archive link for OLW entries at TWT (Two Writing Teachers) blog:

This morning I finally got around to reading, The Right Word:  Roget and His Thesaurus, a fabulous picture book that I bought at NCTE after attending a panel discussion that included Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet, the author and the illustrator.  This book would be a fabulous resource to trigger thinking with students about the power of words.  Here's a book trailer on YouTube.

Here are some links to blog entries I wrote about savor, my OLW for 2014:  

Introducing stretch, my OLW for 2015:

The new year is the perfect time to introduce OLW as a tool for reflection and growth in writer’s workshop.  Have fun and let me know how it’s going!


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