Friday, January 9, 2015

Poetry Friday

Join Tabatha and a host of poetry friends for Poetry Friday round-up to share poetry love.  I searched the poetry collection at my old school for a favorite book of poetry.  There were many old friends on the shelves.  The World According to Dog:  Poems and Teen Voices (an odd choice for a cat lover who has never owned a dog) jumped into my arms.
I love the combination of poems by Joyce Sidman with Doug Mindell's gorgeous photographs and the essays from teen writers accompanied by photos of their dogs.  I recall many poignant pieces of writing that came from my students about their pets.

This is a book of poetry made for sharing with students.  Joyce Sidman provides a reader's guide with specific ideas for crafting a personal essay, a diamante, and a memory poem.  Tara shared "A Dog in Bed" in her November post.  The advice poem, "Always Take a Dog," is my favorite poem.  This book was published in 2003, but it's still one of my favorite poetry books a dozen years later.  Share it soon with the dog lovers in your life!


  1. Thanks, Ramona--I thought I knew all Joyce's books, but this is new to me and an intriguing combination of parts.

  2. Dog poetry can be just the ticket. My college-age daughter gave Mary Oliver's book Dog Songs to a friend for Christmas. I should pick this up -- I'll bet we'd all enjoy it. Thanks, Ramona.

  3. How perfect to have Michelle's interview with Joyce Sidman and information about her newest book at the beginning of the roundup and your reminder here of one of Joyce's early books at the end of the roundup!

  4. Joyce Sidman is one of my favorite poets, but I haven't seen this book. Thanks for sharing it today!