Saturday, January 3, 2015

Poetry Friday

An acrostic for my OLW for 2015:

Moving On

Tiny steps, with time to
Refresh, to celebrate
Each day's small effort as I seek
To gently grow,
Comfortable as a cat, content and
Happy to move forward slowly.

                      - Ramona Behnke

Thanks to Tricia for hosting our first poetry roundup of 2015.  Head over to The Miss Rumphius Effect to enjoy more poems for this new year.


  1. Beautiful for the year ahead, Ramona, those tiny steps appeal!

  2. Stretch is such a good word Ramona! I have yet to commit to my word. Each time I read someone else's makes if more difficult to choose. Happy New Year! Looking forward to hearing about your "Stretching" activities.

  3. Thinking of you this morning as a cat! Great word!!

  4. I love this, Ramona! It's so important to remember that tiny steps and small efforts are often just as effective, sometimes even more so, than big, grand gestures. This is something I struggle with, so thank you for your lovely poem. I'll keep it as a reminder to "move forward slowly." Happy New Year!

  5. Mary Lee let me know you had written a OLW acrostic. I used yours along with hers and mine in an Emaze for students about their own OLW. Hope it's OK with you.

    1. Margaret, I'm so amazed at the incredible tools you use with your students - I want to be in your classroom. Wish I had seen this before I taught the teenagers today at church. I spoke with them about creative ways to express their faith.

  6. Slowly moving forward is indeed the way to go. Deliberate certain steps. :) Happy New Year!

  7. Your acrostic is meaningful to me as well, Ramona. I need to learn to be content moving forward slowly. Thank you.