Saturday, February 25, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Book Club Retreat and Visual Treats!

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                                  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember! 

I'm celebrating an annual event that brings joy, laughter, friendship, and of course, books into my life.  Our book club has an overnight getaway each year at a friend's family cabin.  It's right on the water, so we enjoy a ferry ride, shopping in the small town, walking along the water, eating yummy food, pitching books for our new year of reading together, watching movies, and plenty of time to chat.  This pic was taken shortly after midnight when I realized that three of our group would be leaving around six this morning.  We had a baker's dozen in attendance, with several regular members who were unable to join us this year (you were missed)!
                     Here's our book club crew who made it to
                      the retreat, minus one who headed to bed
                        before we remembered to take the pic!
 Afternoon sun on the water!
Delicious appetizers after a walk on the beach!
Neighbor's yard sign!
 Favorite quote discovered this week.
Grandson Jack at 3.5 weeks!
Grandson Teddy at 8 months!


  1. Kind of jealous of your annual pal getaway! What a lovely tradition.😊But even that celebration takes a back seat whenever you post pictures of those adorable grandbaby boys! Celebrating them with you!

  2. What crew! I love coming to you posts to see the active book love. Great grandson pics as well.

  3. I would have loved being a member of that group! and I love all the photos, especially the yard sign...but most of all the two little guys!

  4. A book club retreat - oh my goodness that sounds heavenly and those visual treats are a blessing!

  5. The book club retreat sounds like such fun. And your little guys are adorable.

  6. This is such a YOU post, Ramona! Books & LOVE & grandbabies. Wow, Jack is growing, and what a little man Teddy is (with his teddies!). xo

  7. Ramona, you gave me much joy this morning with all of your photos. The grandsons win first prize and then the winter beach scene and the quotes are awesome. Thanks.