Sunday, February 5, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Grandson's Arrival!

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember! 

Last Sunday evening, we knew grandson was making
an earlier than expected entrance.  
Monday around noon, I met Sara and Will at the hospital.  
And on Tuesday morning, Jack Wyrill Passey arrived!  
If you read my Slice of Life post this past week, then you
already know my news.  But I'm continuing to celebrate! 

I've enjoyed hanging out with the new parents and assisting in the middle of the night when Jack decides he has plans other than sleeping (when the rest of us would rather sleep).  What a delight it has been to be part of these first few days after Jack's arrival.   And just being here makes me remember how my mom helped me when my two were born.  Such precious memories!  

Here are a few pics from the past few days:


  1. Just found that you posted here, Ramona. Love all the pics of course. Congrats again and again! Happy Days!

  2. Congratulations, Grandma. You have another fine little one to cuddle and read too. I just love the way babies are swaddled these days.

  3. You are blessed, Ramona. He's darling!

  4. I'm so happy for you and I'm loving these precious photos. I love babies and I love how they are so "fresh from heaven."