Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poetry Friday: Grandma Love!

Head over to Jone McCulloch's blog, Check It Out,
for this week's round-up of poetic goodness.  
Thanks, Jone, for hosting this week!

 Jone's post, The Poetry Love Edition, gives us a place to share the poetry love.  This week, I'm celebrating the love that arrived in June of last year when I became a grandmother to Teddy and then again in January when I became Jack's grandmother.  I'm sharing Donna Wahlert's poem "Sacrament" from June Cotner's poetry collection, Mothers and Daughters, that captures this new stage of my life and
two new loves who have captured my heart. 


  1. "We breathe grace/ to one another." What a precious moment... makes me happy to think of you loving those grandbabies, Ramona. What lucky little boys! xo

  2. Beautiful is the poem, and the moment it celebrates, Ramona. Love this, and so meant for you this year.

  3. So lovely, Ramona - sounds like you are fully celebrating these special-beyond-description blessings of new babies in the family. :0)

  4. I love the metaphor of grand-parenting and a sacrament. And that baby scent - Sacred is what it is!

  5. This really is beautiful. I love being a grandmother, and hate that she is so, so, so far away and I get to see her so infrequently!