Friday, February 10, 2017

Poetry Friday: Inspiration for a New Year!

for this week's round-up of poetic goodness.  
Thanks, Katie, for hosting this week!

I love this exciting array of poetry goodness and it all arrived via snail mail in my mailbox!  This is my first time to participate in the New Year Post Card Exchange sponsored by Jone McCulloch.  It's been such fun to see the artful design of fellow poetry friends.  

Come stroll with me through their inspiring words.

The image of watermelon seemed an unusual choice for January.  But when I flipped the card over to find this haiku from Laura P. Salas, the image was deliciously perfect.  

I bite the sweetness
of juicy January
The new year begins.

The next card that arrived was from Penny Parker Klostermann.   She grew up right beside Elephant Mountain, in fact she saw it every day of her childhood.  This special image was accompanied by these words.  I love the three strong words in the final line.  

elephant mountain
rests in the snowy forest
silent, stone, statue
-Penny Parker Klostermann

Mary Lee Hahn's poem arrived next with an exquisite photo of an iris caught in a sunbeam.  

January dream
spicy scent of iris
ice storm rages
-Mary Lee Hahn

Then I received Jone's single snowy leaf with these words:

first morning
all our resolutions
on a leaf

Next I received a packet of Pomelo poem treats from Sylvia Vardell.  It included two poetry cards from The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations (which I recently gifted to my niece who teaches fourth grade), a Got Poetry? sticker, and a sticky note pad for TGI Poetry Friday.  Here's the poem that was included to celebrate Jan. 29, National Puzzle Day.

100 Pieces
by Kristy Dempsey

Piece by piece,
bit by bit, 
try them all
to find a fit.

First the edges,
then between, 
filling in
a puzzling scene.

The last poetic goodness to grace my mailbox came from Joy Acey who I met at Poetry Camp in Bellingham last fall.  It turns out that she has a son who lives in our area.  Her note included a poem, a heart, and a Poetry Speaks calendar page with these words from Donald Hall:  "Sound was my doorway into poems, . . . I say you read poems with your mouth, not with your ears, and they taste good."  If you've ever had the privilege of meeting Joy, you'll read these lilting words with her trademark personality in mind.

You are the song,
    the music.
Your notes trill
high and low.
Your poetry 
makes me dance
every where I go.
-Joy Acey

Thank you, poetry friends, for sharing your poems and images.  your poems are a perfect doorway to wend our way into 2017! 


  1. I have enjoyed reading the posts about the sharing of the poetry postcards. Such writerly gifts from gifted writers!

  2. I have had so much fun following all the postcard poetry joy in everyone's posts. They are amazing and inspiring.

  3. Your postcards are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. How lovely that you have met some of the poets personally. I hope for that one day.

  4. How wonderful to open your mailbox and discover such creative, thoughtful surprises!

  5. Each one is a delight - what a wonderful group to be a part of, Ramona.

  6. Thank you for sharing these with us. What joy to find poetry in your mailbox!

  7. These are all lovely, Ramona! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Delightful! And, I love how they bring us all together. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It doesn't get much nicer that poetry mail! I love each one, and Joy was in my first poetry workshop at Highlights, a "joyful" inspiration for sure. I had the pleasure of meeting Penny at her 'dragon' book signing here in Denver. She grew up here! All nice to see and read, Ramona.

  10. The postcards definitely brightened up our Januarys!