Friday, August 7, 2020

Spiritual Journey Thursday & #52Stories 31/52: Art for the Soul

 It's time to show up with our friends for Spiritual Journey Thursday. 
Margaret at Reflections on the Teche is our host this month and
selected Spiritual Art as our theme. The image shared on her post reminds 
us of the value of touch and connection during this time of pandemic.
More than 25 years ago while living in Houston, we purchased original art for our home. I love each piece, but this one remains a favorite. When we walked through our current home with a realtor, I could already visualize this art by Annell Livingston mounted above the fireplace in the living room.

Annell's later works focus on geometric shapes, but this earlier piece speaks to my soul and has continued to do so for the decades that it has resided in our home. There's a definite southwestern feel to this piece which may be why we were so attracted to it. I love the colors, the movement I feel when I look at it, the honing in on a contemplative moment with one person perched in front of a small building (that I like to think of as a chapel). It encourages me to slow down, to breathe, to meditate, to savor the beauty that surrounds me. 
Indeed, borrowing from this article in our files from an unidentified magazine,  Annell's art "...reminds us that sacred space is all around..." ("Squaring Off: Annell Livingston's radical shift from realism to abstraction," by Donna Tennant, September 1993). During this time of pandemic, I find embracing sacred space to be an essential act. Whether that sacred space is found in art, in nature, in scripture, in prayer or in mediation, it is a way to connect with the divine. I hope you are finding sacred space in your days.

If you feel so inclined, could you add my brother, Karl, and his family, to your prayer list? He is hospitalized in Oklahoma and facing serious medical issues (not COVID).


  1. Ramona, how I love this idea of sacred space and embracing it, connecting with the divine. It makes me think about what I've read about writing and "the spirit of a place." You've created a sacred space, here and now, with your post ... I will pray for your brother and his family, for health, wellness, and restoration.

  2. Hi Ramona: Thank you for emphasizing sacred space. We find it in many ways/places, as you have mentioned. I miss the sacred space I found in music/choir, but I have found several friends who will come sing with me and that makes me happy. I will pray for Karl & family and for you also... Blessings...

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful art! Praying for your brother right now...

  4. Note to my prayer team - Karl's condition has improved. He's been released from the hospital and headed home to recuperate. Thanks for your faith and prayers.

  5. Ramona, so glad to hear Karl's condition has improved. And I love what you write about sacred spaces. The art we surround ourselves in our little lake home definitely feeds my soul. xo

  6. "During this time of pandemic, I find embracing sacred space to be an essential act." Ramona, this line is a lifeline for all of us to ponder. Sacred space is my quiet time that I find in nature. I can see into your painting. There is so much movement and life that I am swirling into the space (a respite from a stressful week). The painting must bring you joy. I am so glad that your brother is doing better so I will lift him and his family up for continued well-being. Stay well, my friend.