Saturday, March 8, 2014

SOLSC# 8: Slicing and Celebrating!

I "serve up a slice" at Two Writing Teachers
and celebrate with Ruth Ayres at 
Celebrate this week!
Discover. Play. Build.

1)  Time to read student posts - My students are posting one of their slices from our first week of the challenge!  I can't wait to read their words.  I'm still trying to figure out how to share student slices since our district won't let us link to the discussion.  Maybe I'll ask for parent permission and post to my blog.  I'm wondering how other teachers have solved this challenge.  

2.  Time to meander - I arrived home from my retreat with a few moments to meander among your posts.  I feel extremely challenged by the number of slicers this year, and welcome the chance to meander (my favorite way to collect writing ideas).  While I enjoy reading the slices linked to Two Writing Teachers, a slice that I enjoy will send me meandering through a blogger's earlier slices and posts.  Is this because I'm easily distracted from the tasks I should be checking off my "to do" list?  Maybe, but if I hadn't meandered today, I would never have discovered "Slow," a lovely poem at Learning Tour Writing Stop that I missed in January.    

A backward glance reveals the shimmering sun.
3.  Time to go slow - These words from "Slow" capture the essence of our book club retreat:  "let  s...l...o...w  shine in the adjusting of pace."  How delightful to meander among the shops, to enjoy lunch together, and to arrive in time for a lovely sunset walk on the beach before enjoying dinner and selecting our books for the upcoming year.    

And on our return, dusk paints this vivid blue sky.


  1. Meandering through blog posts is such a terrific way to gather inspiration! I agree, though, the number of slicers is a little overwhelming! What a beautiful spot for your retreat. It looks so peaceful!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Kim is a talented poet, I love her economy of words. I know what you mean, meandering through slices. Time evaporates when I do.

  3. Meandering is an absolutely perfect verb! Meandering through slices, meandering through weekends, meandering through life. Sometimes it is too easy to be linear when considering responsibilities, lists, and upcoming obligations. Meander. OLW???