Monday, March 17, 2014

SOLSC #17: A Muddled and Marvelous Monday

    Today I join my fellow bloggers in
"serving up a slice" to the March SOLSC
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Today was a muddled Monday.  I forgot that we were scheduled for the computer lab to register for 7th grade during first period.  When the counselor stopped by to remind me shortly before school started, I quickly revamped my plans for the day.

The counselor appeared at our door again at 11:35.  I was totally surprised because I had searched for her email (who knew that she sent it over 3 weeks ago?) and convinced myself that surely she wouldn't have us register during our split 4th period, but during 5th period.  Uh oh, that's exactly what she did.  But we did not have enough time at 11:35, (already ten minutes late), so we marched ourselves to Lab 307 immediately after lunch so that my afternoon block of students could register for 7th grade.  Thank goodness for understanding colleagues.  I'll be sure to share cookie bars with our counselor the next time I bake!

In the middle of slicing about this muddling Monday, I remembered the marvelous beginning to this day.  My day began with music and joy as a former student from Ireland (switched to another team early in the year) stopped by to play Irish tunes on her accordion.  In one of our get acquainted activities early in the year, I learned about this talent.  Since I still have her twin brother on our team, I've asked frequently when she would play her accordion for me.  Today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day we had a mini concert before school with two of her current teachers, myself, and one of our principals.  One the songs she played was a soldier's march.  I could sense the excitement of those young men marching off to war and the melancholy of their mothers in this plaintive tune.

During 5th period, we quickly fit in our slice of life before heading next door to Ms. Moore's room to share book conversations and invite her students to add their favorite Newbery title to our Share the Newbery Love board.  We're adding shamrocks to the valentines that we put there and hoping to get the participation of all 6th grade Language Arts classes by the end of this week.  Just taking a moment to slice reminded me of the marvelous moments that occurred in the middle of my muddling Monday as I try to beat the midnight, east coast deadline.

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  1. You have caught the alliteration bug. I hope the rest of your Mondays are marvelous rather than muddled. I am musing if I could do an alliterative post. Something to ponder.