Thursday, March 13, 2014

SOLSC #13: An Accidental Discovery Forces Me to Take Drastic Measures

Today I join my fellow bloggers in
"serving up a slice" to the March SOLSC
sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.
I'm surrounded by paper piles, determined to grade the "late basket" today.  Only I get sidetracked because  I need those pre-assessments for tomorrow morning's team meeting and I can't find them!  Not only do I need them, but I still need to assess them.  The phone rings at 4:30.  It's one of two people - either my daughter or my walking buddy.  I launch into an explanation of why I can't walk today, but change mid-sentence with the words - " I'll walk if you'll come down to school and drag me out!"  She takes on the challenge, arrives 30 minutes later, and patiently waits for me to pack my stuff so I can go home after our walk.

We head in a direction we haven't walked for awhile (actually, we haven't walked many directions lately due to interminable rain).  I know you can walk in the rain, but it's a good excuse to skip the walk.  I comment that we're heading toward Leslie's house, and she keeps peanut butter M&Ms by the front door.  Fifteen years ago I went to a monthly planning meeting for our church ladies' group at Leslie's house.  At the time, I had just reentered the work force after staying home for 14 years.  I would arrive exhausted at the end of my school day.  But I knew the M&Ms would be there by the front door.  Our time together was sweetened by a few M&MS on the way in and a few more on the way out.

We ring the bell, chat, and enjoy a few M&Ms (sometime soon I'll arrive with a bag of M&Ms in hand).  Jan and I continue our walk, and that's when we discover HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED  in a tree.  In the front yard of another house, I notice a reindeer with a red bow around its neck.  That's when I remember that I unplugged the white lights during my recent purge, but did not remove the red bows that I leave there after Christmas for Valentine's Day.

I know that daughter is expecting 8-12 inches of snow tomorrow, so I head to the deck as soon as I arrive home to dismantle the red bows.  I make one last sacrifice and stash the snowman recipe holder!

I've done my part for the winter weary parts of the country.  Spring, it's time for you to arrive!



  1. So funny, Ramona. This sounds like a discombobulated day, but you got your walk & some M&Ms, and said a last goodbye to Christmas. A good ending!

  2. Glad you got your walk in, but did you find the assessment papers? I'm happy to hear that all frozen fellows have been returned to their assigned place when it is not winter. Hopefully there is nothing but sunshine (with a few showers) in our future.

    1. Finally found them in the car. I had packed them up to take care of them at home a few days ago. Funny how so many papers log miles in my car, but never make it into the house.

  3. Yes...did you find the assessment papers? Or, did they find the circular file first? ;) Such a funny slice. I will always walk for M&Ms. Such a loving gesture by your friend! Happy Friday tomorrow... b

    1. Love your line - I will always walk for M&Ms! The lost was found - see note to Elsie above regarding outcome of assessment papers.