Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 SOLSC 25/31: I Knew It Would Turn Up Eventually!

  • Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
    to the Slice of Life (SOL) community.
    Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
    for hosting this meeting place each day in March
                                                and for nurturing our writing lives. 

My good friend Colleen asks, "Have you finished the book?"  I'm taking her to the park and ride so she can catch the bus downtown and then the train to the airport.  I love to visit each time she's in town, but our visit on the way to the park and ride had to suffice for this quick stop on her way from Canada to Los Angeles.  

"No, I haven't finished it."  Both Coleen and Renae, the other two members of our online book club, finished Code Name Verity some time ago.  In fact, Renae finished it so long ago that she's not sure she can remember it.  

Colleen says, "That's it.  We're having our google chat next Thursday.  You better get busy."

I didn't tell Coleen, but I can't find the book.  Like so many things in my life, it seems to have gone walkabout.  I remember taking it to the book club retreat.  Did I really think I would have time to read?  I shared the title with Jennifer.  Maybe I didn't empty one of my recyclable bags all the way before putting it back in the car.  I head to the car, "Nope, not there."  

Maybe it's in my school bag from Thursday's book club, but I can't find my school bag either.  (Can you tell that losing things is a chronic condition with me?)  After texting Patty to ask her to look around for my bag at school and checking the car one more time,  I return from the garage and spy the bag on the floor by my chair.  I'm trying to train myself to drop my bags in this spot, but I had forgotten to look there.  I quickly look in the bag, "No book there either, just folders and ballots from our March Book Madness."  I call Patty back to call off her search at school for my bag.    

I drop by the public library to see if they have a copy on the shelf - no luck!

I e-mail Jennifer.  We shared a room at the book club retreat.  Maybe it accidentally ended up in one of her bags - no luck there either!  

On Saturday, I check Amazon to see how much it costs to download it on my Kindle, less than $7.  I know that as soon as I purchase it, the book will turn up.  But before I purchase the book, I have to find my Kindle since I only use it when I'm traveling.  Luckily, I find my Kindle, buy the book, and get started reading.  

Sure enough on Sunday, I swing around in my chair after writing a slice and spy my missing copy of Code Name Verity under the nightstand.  I rarely stow books under the nightstand, especially books that I'm currently reading.  But I guess I was distracted when I unpacked.

I move back into my paper version of the book and continue reading.  I've been reading a bit, but the lure of slicing and commenting is stronger.  I'm not finished, and Thursday looms ever closer with many commitments this week.

Last night, I received this text from Colleen, "I forgot to get hold of Renae.  Have you finished the book?"

I reply, "Not yet.  Making progress.  Let me know if she's available.  And I'll pick up the pace."  

Colleen's texts me back, "It works better for me next week.  How about Tuesday or Wednesday?"

"Perfect!" is my delighted response back.  

Whew!  So please forgive me if I don't comment quite as much the next few days.  I have a book that I really must finish.  


  1. You make me laugh with your search. Particularly where you are training yourself to be consistent in putting something in one spot, but then that's not the first spot you check. Enjoy your book, be ready for your conversation and don't worry about commenting, I understand. I really thought it was in with your kitchen stuff. Are you going to do a kitchen reveal now that it's done?

  2. Please finish your book. You are generous with your comments--all appreciated. Enjoy the book and your book chat. I have not heard of a google book chat before. I don't think I would like it as well as my face-to-face chat.

  3. I loved the tale you spun of searching for the book, getting nervous about finishing the book, as well as weaving in details that help us get to know the type of book club to which you belong. You are super lucky to be with readers of this ilk. :) Good luck formulating all your theories to share in the Google hangout next week!

  4. This is so funny...only because it is so familiar!! Enjoy your book chat!

  5. Ramona, I feel like I can never seem to find things, especially books. It made me feel better to read your post. I had to go to a book club meeting without having read because I couldn't find the book until about 30 minutes before the meeting. I just went and listened:). It felt nice to know I'm not alone.

    I recently heard that people spend a crazy number of hours (can't remember) searching for missing things. I'm trying to make sure each item has a place so I can always find it. I'm getting better. Hope you enjoy your book.

  6. I can so relate to this. I hope you get it done in time. I have heard many good things about this book. Actually I think it was on Linda's blog where I first heard about it. Enjoy your reading time.

  7. I kept asking for a book I had previously loaned & thought one of my colleagues had it. She didn't. I was in the pile on my nightstand. So funny, Ramona, & BTW, I hope you like Code Name Verity. I loved the story. Now you can also re-read it on your Kindle. . .

  8. So many books to keep track of! I just "found" a book I thought I'd lost at the very bottom of my backpack.

  9. I love this, Ramona, because it let's me know I'm not the only one who looses books! Hope you like Code Name Verity. I loved it, and it's sequel, Rose Under Fire. So glad you found your book!