Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 SOLSC 30/31: Mouse Story Part II

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
for hosting this meeting place each day in March
                                                    and for nurturing our writing lives. 

Inspired by Catherine's found poem from the last chapter of Birchbark House, I create a found poem from the book, Cathedral Mouse by Kay Chorao.  Since the book is out of print and some of you were unable to find a copy in your libraries, this found poem summarizes this story that is beautifully told and illustrated by Chorao.  The story of how I found this book and purchased two additional copies is in Mouse Story.  For our family connection to the book, stay tuned for Mouse Story Part III.

Mouse wanted a real home.
Out of pet store
Onto snowy street
Big orange cat!
Mouse ran for his life!

Up stone steps
In a vast space
Curled near golden lights.
Hand! Danger! Ran!

Up carved screen
Heart pounding
Faces frowned at him
Scurried for safety.

Fell down organ pipe,
Tumbled into nest of mice
Out!  Not one of usssssssss!

Ran through hole in pipe
Fell, ran, leaped, landed,
Slid into cozy hollow,
Hid, heart still thumping.

Running, running to find safe place
Top of stone pillar
Sleep tonight.
Tomorrow find home.

Awakened, next to him
Bread and cheese.

Light, jewel- bright
Ribbons of light
Beams of light
Mouse scampered and sang,
Dancing in the light.

Mop crashed down
Man shouted
Mouse ran to pillar
Be more careful!

Explore, slide, sing, and play
When safe and quiet.
Slept on pillar
Awakened, more bread and cheese.
Pillar safe
But not a real home!

Man in shadows
Mouse froze with fear!
Voice soft and slow
Man came often
Each time reached out hand
At last, touched Mouse’s head
After a long time, rides on arm,
Then, in pocket
Surprise –bread and cheese!

Man laughed
Tomorrow you keep me company
Little Cathedral Mouse.

Shed filled with blocks of stone
Curl up in cap
Watched from woolly perch
Man pounded and pounded.
End of every day
Mouse returned to pillar
Not a real home, but safe.

One day men pushing something
Heavy onto his pillar
"Now I have no place at all."
Sadly passed by his pillar.

Warm hand lifted him up
“Look what I have carved for you.”
Mouse looked.
“You have carved . . . ME!”
"And more."
Mouse crept into tunnel and
Found cozy little room.

“Now I have a real home.”
“Now you are a real Cathedral Mouse.”
And so he was.
And so he would always be,
Forever and ever. 


  1. Aw-"omorrow you keep me company/Little Cathedral Mouse." I don't think I've ever seen this story. I hope my library has it, Ramona. Almost done! Did you all get your books ordered?

    1. Round 1 finished. I'm putting together a list that I'll share with all who contributed.