Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 SOLSC 4/31: My Slippery Slope

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
for hosting this meeting place each Tuesday
and for nurturing our writing lives.

My slippery slope is not snow and ice related.  It's a behavior challenge that I face.  One would think that someone who is retired would have all the time they need.  I do have more time available than before and love that I no longer spend my evenings grading papers and planning for the next day.  However, I'm highly distractible.  In fact I'm so distractible that I could be the poster child (woman) for the distractibility movement!  

I woke up at 5 this morning and headed for the computer.  I wanted to leave a few comments on some of the newer slicers before writing my own post.   But first, I had to check to see if I had any new comments.  I made a couple of revisions to yesterday's post.  Then I decided to give some comments to the late night slicers.  That was always me last year.  Before I knew it, it was 5:39.  Shortly after that I clicked on Twitter and noticed that today is World Read Aloud Day.  I had to retweet the fact and wished that I could read aloud to someone today.  Do you think my contractor and plumber would enjoy a nice read aloud?  I clicked on some of the posts from yesterday (there are so many of us) and even managed to comment on some newer slicers.   But one of them had a link to her Pinterest boards.  Oh my, that is a rabbit hole I should always avoid.   Once I climbed out of that hole, I stopped at the blogs of some old slicer friends and clicked on blogs that lured me in with an intriguing teaser.  And before I knew it, it was 6:30 a.m!  Time to shower and head downstairs since the contractor said he would be here at 7 ish.  I hadn't penned my own slice, but I had several ideas for future slices and a longing to visit more blogs.  

That's when I came up with a new acronym SAFTS to guide me for the rest of the day.  You read that right, SAFTS (Step Away from the Slices) became my mantra for the day as I focused on several other important tasks.  So the next time you lose precious time meandering among the slices, you may need to remind yourself to avoid my slippery slope and to SAFTS (Step Away from the Slices) for at least awhile.  But tonight when I get home from my evening commitment, you'll find me meandering among the slices to read some posts, leaving some comments to show I was there, and collecting ideas that will inspire my future slices.  When you are able to successfully SAFTS, then you are entitled to some fun time to MATS (Meander Among the Slices)!


  1. Your sense of humor really comes through in your writing. It's so true how quickly we can lose focus online! I'm trying to stay off some of my social media this month to concentrate on this community! It's my first time slicing this year and I already feel more empowered. Thank you for taking your time to mentor the newbies!


  2. I just read Leigh Anne's post about the notes she used to pass with her friends and was reminded of the acronyms we used to create as kids--and you remind me we can do this as adults as well. I love that SAFTS is a means to earning the right to MATS! Too funny.

  3. Oh Ramona, I need to SAFTS right away! I have so many 'to do' things on my list, & MATS is not one of them. Thanks for the great laugh!

  4. Ramona, could you hear me laughing as I read your post??? Simply because this has happened to me too. In fact, I think it is happening right now. There are so many great slices to read and so little time. I would like you to know that I appreciate that my little blog is part of your distraction-thanks for the comments!

  5. This slice made me laugh. And also wince. Sooo me! Today I have about nine million things to do. And I really need to step away away from the slices. Yikes! March is way tooo much fun!

  6. This slice made me laugh. And also wince. Sooo me! Today I have about nine million things to do. And I really need to step away away from the slices. Yikes! March is way tooo much fun!

  7. Ramona,
    I was pretty sure I was the most distractible person so I'm glad to know I'm at least in good company. I find the challenge in this event is always keeping up with all of the reading and commenting I want to do. It's impossible to comment on student blogs, blogs of friends participating, blogs of those I've connected with across events via the internet, and all the new places I want to go. There are still so many blogs I want to visit that I haven't made it to yet. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. I have committed to commenting on student blogs, the three posts after my link on TWT blog (and at least one of them needs to be a new person --- or I add one), and then start to make way through as time allows. I've decided this year, I may want to consider a time limit. I will comment for this long each day. I just can't decide what that commitment should be. Thanks for the acronym when things get crazy: SAFTS.