Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 SOLSC 3/31: Memories to Last Awhile

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
for hosting this meeting place each Tuesday
and for nurturing our writing lives.

 My OLW word "stretch" rescues me on a difficult day:

Today's airport drive time is different from the drive three days ago.
On Saturday, hubby and I excitedly left for the airport
Eager to greet son and his wife arriving from DC.

We took advantage of a gorgeous day to drive to North Bend.
First stop was Scott's Dairy Freeze, second stop the outlet mall.  
Stefi remarked that it was the first time she'd been shopping with Lance, 
it's amazing what a dad will do with the in-laws.
On our way home, the group indulged me with a stop by Slater Park,
Blake showed me how to get rid of the filter on my phone,
No gorgeous sunset, but Blake filmed the setting sun,  
and advised me to use his tripod to capture it sometime.

Sunday is time to worship, see friends, and get Dad's help on the tax return,
Sunday dinner is sloppy barbecue chicken in the crock pot
(kitchen is still a work in progress).
Stefi remembers to check the vibrate setting on my phone.  
We settle in to enjoy the last Downton Abby of the season. 

Monday we head out to enjoy the day,
Find the Hello Robin bakery recommended by Stefi's friend
browse Eliott Bay Books,
walk around Capitol Hill, and stop by Dick's Burgers. 
After a visit to the Tom Bihn Factory Showroom, we hit Costco.
Come home to painting and tile work in the kitchen, 
grab dinner at Georgio's to escape the fumes.
 Then it's home to visit, but still wearing our coats
since all doors are open to air out the house.
Giggles as Stefi learns more family history from Addison Road, 
Pride as Blake shows me his method of bullet journaling,
Excitement as everyone heads to bed by 9 p.m.
Love it when east coast kids come home to visit, 
they're on my schedule - early bedtime, early rising.
I pack Blake's muddy buddies for tomorrow's travel,
and squeeze in some quick reading and commenting on slices.

Wake at 4 am, but without my usual morning chirpiness,
drag my feet unwillingly toward early morning drive to airport, 
our longed for visits always pass too quickly.
I shake off the doldrums, and head downstairs,  
a quick breakfast, hugs all around, and off we go.

I'll linger in these memories for days, 
it's a long time until our fall visit to DC and their Christmas visit home.
I'll savor our technological connections - messages, instagram pics, and Facetime.
I'll saunter through these memories of meals and laughter shared.
I'll cherish each hug and happy moment,
stretching each one to last until our next time together.  


  1. Oh, Ramona, you are the sweetest. This is the most beautiful post. So soft and loving with little tiny details of ordinary sprinkled throughout. I just loved the warmth and love for your family. I hope you had a beautiful day. :)

  2. I'm always attracted to poems as posts, so thank you for this delightful memory. When the days from your visit together get farther and farther away, you will have this special poem to warm your heart again.

  3. Love your sharing of this visit. It's hard, isn't it when our kids live far away. I always envy my friends who have their families nearby.

  4. The details you added do so much to bring this time you had together alive,What great memories to dwell on until you see each other again.

  5. This is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing these wonderful memory with us. My sons are close, I don't want to think about if they should move away. Thank goodness for these modern tech times where the time between visits do not feel quite so long. Your delight in being able to have that connection with them, even as you still long for the up close and personal, is clear to see and feel.

  6. Awwww! So bittersweet! My parents live in Florida now, so I can understand the anticipation of the visits, the fun we have when we're together, and the sadness we feel when we part. You've expressed it all so well!

  7. I could feel you stretching to find the good things in the heart tug of temporary separation! What a wonderful visit you had with many moments to linger over.

  8. It sounds like you all had a wonderful visit. I know how you feel, though. Even though my children are on the same coast, they're still not here. Hmmm, maybe you've just inspired a slice!

  9. "I'll linger in these memories for days..." I feel your sadness and joy Ramona. I remember your visit with them in D.C. too. I'm so happy they came for a visit! I hope the kitchen keeps you busy this week.

  10. From a first grader today, "Joy comes back to you!" That is so true. Our children come and go leaving us all the more joy in their wake.

  11. I feel your pain! I am longing to head to visit California but must wait until April before I see that sweet baby. Sounds like it was a great visit, even through all the construction mess.

  12. I love the way you catalogued every moment of this time together. And how this slice shows that you will remember them and relive them until the next time you are all together.

  13. Beautiful list of a marvelous time, Ramona. I know what you mean when you write: "Stretching each one to last until our next time together. " It always seem like such a long time. Glad you had it, though. Like Dr. Seuss said: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

  14. Sounds like you filled and stretched every minute you had with your family. I know how fast that time flies.

  15. I was nowhere near that far away from home when I went to college but the way you describe the dragging feet, visits going to fast, hugs all around...it sure takes me back to that feeling of longing for more. Sometimes we are homesick for home and sometimes we are homesick for those we wish were home. Great poem today - thanks for sharing it!

  16. What a delightful time you had with your family, and what a wonderful way to capture those memories in your poem. I too love the way I can rely on my OLW. Yours certainly is appropriate for your action-packed visit.

  17. Best for last Ramona :)
    I'll linger in these memories for days,
    It's a long time until our fall visit to DC and their Christmas visit home,
    I'll savor our technological connections - messages, instagram pics, and Facetime.
    I'll saunter through these memories of meals and laughter shared,
    I'll cherish each hug and happy moment,
    Stretching each one to last until our next time together
    Bonnie K

  18. I love how you tied your OLW into your writing. Always a pleasure to read. So glad you were able to spend time with your son and family.

  19. You post grabs the joy, excitement, laughter of having your kids home. My heart hurts for you, but am thankful for technology to keep in touch. Beautifully written, Ramona.

  20. What beautiful memories from a special trip. You described it so well with just the right words!