Sunday, June 4, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Flowers, Family, & Fun

 Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.

When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build. 

   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

  • This picturesque view on our lane
  • Teddy with Mom and Dad on Memorial Day trip
  • Teddy at 49 weeks
  • Jack at 4 months
  • Jack already loves books!
  • Love that niece Kara's visit coincided with our Mariner's game outing (and we even won)!
  • Our first rose of the season


  1. All the sweetness in your life. Happy Birthday!

  2. Beautiful pictures... you will always be glad to have them to look back on. Babies grow so fast, we sometimes need reminders of how tiny they once were.

  3. All around celebrations that don't end because we can celebrate your birthday, Ramona. The rose is being captured for the photo section of my gallery, Ramona.

  4. Beautiful moments! And Happy Birthday Ramona!

  5. I love your pictures to go along with your celebrations! My oldest baby turned 10 this year and my youngest will be 7 in July. I looked at him today and I swear he grew five inches overnight. They grow so fast! Enjoy those babies! They are beautiful.